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Never Use them
Moving Review on Phoenix Transportation Services-NV

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We decided to use this company because we had a very large tool box to move weighing thousands of pounds. I went around my home and measured my items to make sure that my quote was accurate. Along the way I called and spoke with Ann our representative several times to make sure that we were still on target. we took off the bunk beds and added the washer and dryer. And then we took off the book shelves and added more boxes. She reassured us that the changes we minimal and there was no need to update the inventory in their system. The days come for them to pick up our stuff and they call us and tell us they will be there in a few days. After a few days they call us again and say the same thing. I needed to continue to Utah for my job and they assured us that they would cover any inconvenience costs and would take care of everything. They continued to delay for almost 2 weeks! They just picked up our move on January 1st 2017!! When they got there to pick up everything, the tool box they were not prepared for after we had spoken about this extensively and gotten charged a heft handling fee for the tool box. The movers damaged the truck that the tool box was on, they damaged the tool box, and broke off the handle. They say we have to file it with the insurance!! Which is rediculas. Additionally all of the reimbursements that they promised they have chalked up to a 5% discount which is nothing. All along when we had been speaking with our rep Ann and she reassured us that everything was good and ok means nothing. they are saying that we have to pay the additional $2,000 because we had more stuff than was listed even after we had been telling Ann to have it updated!!Because of their late pick up my lease was over an my apartment complex and they said they would pay for the additional days over my lease but that hasn't happened still. My boyfriends house was rented out and he had tenants that were moving in that we inconvenienced and they haven't done anything about that or the truck that was damaged. I had been assured by the GM Lauren who also go by the name of Brittany that she would take care of it all and then when you call back to talk with her she doesn't follow through like she said she would or return your calls for days!!. Ann has not been heard from. Cassie is the customer service rep and just keeps saying that it is out of her control. So we are getting no where. Ann had has that it was 7-10 days for delivery and I asked specifically is that was business days and she said NO regular day, which now they are saying is business days. So they don't know when we ill actually get our stuff. It is somewhere. Complete waste of money and time this company I promised them I would post bad reviews everywhere I could so here you go :)

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Origin:Midland Tx
Destination:Layton Utah
Quoted Price:$3,200.00
Actual Price:$5,300.00

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Phoenix Transportation Services-NV
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