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None of our things got wet or scraped at all moving from Austin TX to Rochester NY
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Thanks Bill. You managed everything perfectly. I want to let you know that my move from Austin, TX to Rochester, NY has gone well. The crew showed up on time and really did a super job wrapping up everything. They did not take but one break to eat lunch, which amazed me very much. They were professional and very understanding. They went over and above to verify everything got installed and wrapped perfectly. The rain gave us stress and I thought that we might not be able to get finished but they were very sensible with their time. None of my things got wet or scraped at all. When they showed up in Rochester at my new home they unloaded and took time to make sure the right boxes were in the right rooms. They asked over before settling furniture and were courteous and calm with me. I am still unpacking boxes. I would give these crew 5 stars and they were fantastic as well as useful. I am happy to recommend your service to my friends and family if they have the need for a moving service.

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Origin:Austin, TX
Destination:Rochester, NY
Quoted Price:$3,100.00
Actual Price:$3,100.00

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