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Run dont walk moving from Harrisburg IL to Cumberland KY
Moving Review on Uber Movers

Reviewed By Steven on - 127 Views

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If you hear the name Uber Movers, run, don't walk away. They moved us the first of October and they were without a doubt the worse company I have ever dealt with. They demolished our bedroom dresser by cramming a drawer in where it did not belong and completely destroyed the drawer, besides putting a BIG dent in the dresser. The drawers of the night stands were also damaged. At one time they had our TV upside down! When questioned about anything, their answer was "we know." They scratched every piece of furniture that we had. We have an antique buffet that they were moving into the house and one of the doors flew open and banged the side. I asked them to please be careful with that because it was an antique and had a lot of sentimental value to us. Before they got it in place, they had banged the other door. They had a complete disrespect for any property what so ever. I wrote an earlier review, but I noticed that it is no longer in place. This makes me wonder if they pick and choose which reviews they leave up for people to read. In the original review that I had written I mentioned that it appeared that the good reviews seem to be written by the same person. I would definitely not put this past this corrupt company. If possible I would give them a -5 review, or lower. If you choose to use this company, then you will only have yourself to blame when they destroy everything, and if you write a negative review, do not look for it to remain on the website very long!

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Origin:Harrisburg, IL
Destination:Cumberland, KY
Quoted Price:$3,400.00
Actual Price:$3,400.00

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