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Terrible experience moving from Crown Point IN to Sahuarita AZ
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They were supposed to show up on a Wednesday. I waited around all day and I was constantly told, "yes they were coming", "yes they were coming". And, at 5:00 in the afternoon they said no they were not going to come. They bumped it back two days. Instead of meeting me on Wednesday, they met me on Friday at noon. When they got there they told me "this is a lot more, your stuff is big". So a $3,200 estimate turned into $5,300 and they didn't have proper equipment to take stuff apart. At the end of the day my stuff would not even fit into their truck. They tied some of my bed stuff to the back of the truck, outside of the truck. I thought for sure my stuff was going to be put inside of the truck but no, some of it was actually outside of the truck. I think the fact that they showed up two days late.. The price changed dramatically between the original estimate and what it ultimately ended up costing and the fact that some of my items could not even fit on the truck. Now I am hiring another set of movers to move the remainder out because they bought a truck that was too small to fit the items that I have told them I had. I am not even sure who the moving company was. I would say that their estimate should be better. They need to be on time. They need proper equipment. They need a truck big enough to handle the loads that they are expecting. I would say all the way around they were poor. I am not even that hard to please but almost everything that they did fell short of expectations. When I first signed up with the company it was USA moving. This says at the top of the paper Moving Cross Country Inc. So that is what they call themselves. Like I said, there was nothing to show that was the name of the company because people that showed up had just a normal truck you could rent from any Enterprise rental car. They just had a truck that you could rent from one small car agency. They also told me that I could not pay... They told me when I got out here to Arizona, I had to pay with a cashier's check. When I tried to get them a cashier's check, they said no they could not take a cashier's check. They would only take cash. I assured them on the contract that said they would take a cashier's check. And they said it's not just a generic contract. We don't have to abide by that. I don't think there was anything legitimate about these people at all. So I am not sure who they were. They lost a couple of my items but at the end of the day most of it got here and it's in my house now but the whole experience was terrible.

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Origin:Crown Point, IN
Destination:Sahuarita, AZ
Move Size:2 Bedroom
Appx. Move Dt.:5/17/2013

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