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They were intimidating and racist local moving in Jersey City NJ
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Reviewed By Smriti on - 187 Views

It was complete unprofessionalism. It was also racism. It was also a case of fake fraud, and it was a very bad move for us. Basically, when I looked at, a whole bunch of people had contacted me, and I talked with Matt initially. So initially he had told me, you know, that they usually... they factor in one hour for transportation. Like once the movers have put all the stuff in the truck, they will - no matter how long it takes, even if it's less than one hour. It's usually less than one hour, but they factor it in as one hour. Then you have two hours of time, and he quoted me a certain rate for that, you know, that whole thing. So I told him that my situation is different, because there will be no transportation involved, and it's basically moving three floors down. We have a good service elevator which we will book for you, and you can use the elevator. You don't even have to use the stairs. And in that case, can you give us three hours of service for the certain predecided rate? He agreed to that. He said yes, that is absolutely fine. Because there is no transportation, so that is totally fair. We can give you three hours, and we decided on a certain rate. Now, I mean, since a bunch of other people... I had like some other people, but I couldn't get them in time. They were not available on that day, so I ended up choosing Matt. Now what happened is the day that the movers arrived, they started moving everything. And after two hours, they just stopped, and they said, "Oh, time is up. Now we have to go." Now basically at that point, they had not moved... I think the kitchen. I don't know, one of the rooms was left. They had not moved the stuff, so all the work was not done yet. And I did not even have any more days on my lease. I told them that. I said this is the only day. We need to completely move everything today. We don't have any more days, and we have three hours of time that is promised to us. And after two hours, these workers just stopped working and said, "If you want more, if you want us to move the remaining stuff, now you have to pay us more."

Quality Moving & Storage - Move Information
Origin:Jersey City, NJ
Destination:Jersey City, NJ
Move Size:Partial Home
Appx. Move Dt.:11/30/2016

Approximate Moving Inventory: Bedroom - Bed, Bunk (Set of 2) 1, Bed, Queen 2, Bookshelves Section 1, Dresser, Single 1, Wardrobe, Small 1, Living Room - Plasma TV, Up to 29 inches 1, Bookcase 1, Sofa, 3 Cushion 1, Loveseat 1, Tables, Coffee 1, TV Stand 1

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