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Theyre amazing I cant say enough good things about them
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I was very satisfied with the young gentleman, I forget his name, but they're very good, the movers. I would get them again because they were good men. They were mannerly, they listened and they did exactly what I asked them to do which I don't think was unreasonable, however, they were more than willing. We needed a late move (this is important) I used them then the people that I moved in here, their movers didn't show up, so I called Moving America USA and this was late at night, the move was in the afternoon and they came out and did another job. From now on, they're the only people I would ever call because they actually saved me, because I couldn't get in here. The people here they were like "well the movers didn't show up, we'll move tomorrow" and I said No, we have to move tonight. So I called Moving America USA and they showed up and they're amazing and they worked late into the night and there are not many people who would do that these days, I can't say enough good things about them. They took care of everything without any damage and they were careful, respectful and good. They were a little bit higher, but you don't get them cheap because that's what you get, is people canceling on you, that's what happened to the other people, their people canceled on them. So they were laughing at me cause I paid more, I said yea but my stuff is here, my stuff is here on time and I didn't know at that time that their movers wouldn't show up. I was fine with everything,

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Origin:Financial Plaza, FL
Destination:Financial Plaza, FL
Move Size:1 Large Bedroom
Appx. Move Dt.:11/1/2017

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Moving America USA
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