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Where do I even begin. My move has been a nightmare for the past 3 WEEKS. First, they quoted us $4400, we ended up being forced to pay $7000 in Cash to move from CT to FL. So they picked up our stuff on one truck on the 25th of June. then they made us hurry and change our plans to accommodate their schedule to drop it off in florida on the 29th. We headed down to florida expecting our stuff and they called and it wouldn't be till the following week, after we payed to rent the house we were moving into early!! Then we waited til the following week, called them they said it would be the NEXT week!! so, after writing a bad review we got a call from someone saying our stuff would be there at the end of last week. So, they came Sunday....with HALF of our belongings. About 75% of our items were damaged, had been opened and gone through, mattresses were filthy (they had my California king mattress strapped to the back of the truck--ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE TRUCK....HELLO PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF RAIN???? So now my bed smells like mildew. And Im not even done. Half of my items are still somewhere in New Jersey being transferred from truck to truck. My son has a brain injury and his medical records and school records are with that stuff..and they say we have to wait on their next truck to florida. MY ASS!!! This is unbelievable, they say legally on their side it can take up to 12 business days from the time of pick up. Well tomorrow is the 12th day and they better hope my stuff is here in one piece or they can expect a nice large lawsuit. OH, and during the whole process of this NO ONE AT UBER MOVERS WOULD SPEAK to us except the secretary. That poor secretary to have to work for such non-responsible ignorant people who have no idea how to run a business!!!!

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Quoted Price:$4,400.00
Actual Price:$7,000.00

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