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Would never use them again local moving in RYE NY
Moving Review on Binding Price Moving, Inc.

Reviewed By Karen on - 196 Views

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It was the worst experience with movers I ever had. It was communication. They basically didn't tell me they would ring the day before to confirm the move. As you know we had the hurricane, I didn't get the message and so they canceled the move. I am not sure how you can cancel the move. I mean when people are due to move house. The guys eventually came back after a big fight with them. They were very very careless. They damaged things. We did tell them not to bother putting blankets on stuff because it was so late. They were very very careless in moving stuff and stuff got scratched. Very very careless indeed. They lied basically about the price. At no time I was told about the minimum charge. The move only took an hour and half and they charged us for four hours. At no time did they tell me that there was a minimum fee for moving. So all in all between the three things, I would never ever use them again.

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Origin:RYE, NY
Destination:RYE, NY
Move Size:2 Bedroom
Appx. Move Dt.:11/1/2012

Approximate Moving Inventory: Bedroom - Bed, Queen 2, Bookshelves Section 2, Chair, Boudoir 1, Chest 2, Night Table 2, Dining Room - Dining Chair 4, Dining Table 1, Kitchen - Box, Large 6, Stool 2, Living Room - Plasma TV, 30 inches to 49 inches 1, Bookcase 2, Box, Large 6, Lamp, Floor 1, Roll/Pad Rug, Large 1, Sectional Bookshelf 1, Sofa, 3 Cushion 2, Tables, Coffee 1, Tables, End 1, Trunk 1

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Binding Price Moving, Inc.
182-17 69th Avenue
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365, USA


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