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You can find better easily moving from Austin TX to San Mateo CA
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When I started the process of looking for a moving company to help move my 1 bedroom apartment from Texas to California, I was looking for a company that was affordable and make this whole process easier. Transit Moving Systems is a complete scam and without question, the most unprofessional company I've ever dealt with. With such abysmal customer service you would think they were the cheapest option but that's the worst part, I had cheaper alternatives I was comparing them to. Unfortunately, I went with Transit because of what seemed to be a decent reputation and all their promises about making this process as seamless as possible. Do yourself a favor and keep looking. To sum up my experience, their sales staff completely lied to me, saying that I should reserve more space in the truck than I actually have so that I don't get charged with surcharges for more cubic footage during pick-up. He also pointed out that I'd receive a refund for the space I don't actually use. This is also outlined in our contract, by the way. After the move, I call to ask about my refund for the space I didn't use and am now told that because the space was reserved, I need to pay for it, completely contradicting what I was originally told and what is outlined in our written agreement. After multiple calls and pointless conversations with their staff (on the rare occasion I was actually able to reach someone without being put on hold for 20mins), I finally hear from a supervisor and am told that I would be receiving a refund for the difference. It's been over 12 business days and still, no refund. This is just 1 example of what you'll be dealing with by working with Transit Moving Systems. I ran into other multiple, similar situations centered around being told different things by different people and attempts to rob me out of more money. On top of that, they broke my $1000 wine fridge and bed frame and have are not doing anything to replace them. Can't say I'm surprised, considering my experience so far. Between the time I spent on the phone with this company, dealing with the instance described above and countless others, I would have been better off loading my apartment into a Uhaul and driving it myself.

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Origin:Austin, TX
Destination:San Mateo, CA
Quoted Price:$1,500.00
Actual Price:$3,000.00

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