Tips for Packing Your Wine Glasses for Your Move

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How to Pack Your Wine Glasses

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Wine glasses can be one of the most difficult items to pack and transport--with an unusual shape and thin, fragile glass that can easily scratch or break. However, if you take the time and care to pack your treasured glassware with the proper materials, they should arrive at your new home intact and unscratched. This guide will provide you with the steps to take to ensure your delicate wine glasses' safety during your move.

Use a cell box

A cell box is a cardboard box fashioned with thin cardboard dividers to keep delicate items stationary during a move. You can purchase a cell box from any moving supply company, or you can often obtain them for free at a supermarket or liquor store. This will keep your glasses separate and prevent them from banging together and shattering during transport.

Wrap the glasses with paper

Ball up a piece of tissue paper or packing paper and stuff the inside of the glass to support it. Then carefully wrap each wine glass individually before placing it into the cell. Start by lying two to three sheets of paper down on a flat surface, then lying the wine glass on the corner, perpendicular to the paper. Then pull the corners over the glass and carefully roll the glass until it is completely wrapped, folding the extra paper inside the globe and over the base. You can then wrap the glass again with newspaper or bubble wrap for added protection. Don't use bubble wrap without protective paper over the glass first--the bubbles can leave permanent impressions on the glass.

Pack the glasses

After the glasses are carefully wrapped, you can begin gently sliding them into each cell. Ball up a piece of paper and place it inside the cell first for extra cushioning. Next, carefully place the glass inside the compartment, stem first. Fill any empty space with paper or bubble wrap. This will keep your glasses still during transport and prevent them from rattling around, breaking, or becoming scratched. When you are finished, add a layer of bubble wrap over the top of the box and close the flaps. Gently shake the box to make sure nothing rattles--if so, you'll need to add more cushioning to fill the gaps. Last, secure the top and bottom of the box with tape.

Mark your boxes

Write "Fragile" on all boxes containing your wine glasses, and add an arrow or write "This Side Up" to indicate which position the mover should carry and load the box. You may want to inform your movers of the boxes' contents verbally and ask them to take extra care when moving them.

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on February 20, 2013 - Moving Expert
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