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How to Rent a Truck for Your Move
A low-cost alternative to hiring full-service movers, truck rentals are a great way to save some money. However, just like hiring a moving company, renting a truck requires planning and research. You'll need to know what size truck to rent, and you'll need to get estimates from different trucking companies.
Parking Tips for Your Rental Truck
When parking your large moving truck, set the emergency brake, and park with the wheels turned away from the curb when your truck is facing uphill. If the truck is facing downhill, turn the wheels towards the curb. Park in well-lit areas when stopping for breaks at night, and lock all doors and padlock the safety chain.
Change Your Moving Date to Get a ...
Truck rental companies generate their price quotes based on supply and demand. If you have to move on a weekend, or at the end of the month, your quote will likely be much higher than if you tried to reserve the same truck on a Wednesday. If you can be flexible and adjust your dates, it may end up meaning more money in your pocket.
Ask About Towing Capabilities
Since rental trucks come in all shapes and sizes, it stands to reason that not all rental trucks are the same. Some can tow cars while others cannot. If you need your rental to tow another vehicle, make sure to reserve a truck with this feature ahead of time.
Ask to See the Maintenance Report ...
To ensure that the truck you are renting is well maintained and taken care of, request to see the truck’s Maintenance Report before driving it off the lot, especially if you are moving long distance. The last thing you want is a broken down truck mid-move.

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If you need help finding a moving truck for your local, long distance or interstate move, has you covered. Browse through the list of truck rental services in Westmont, Illinois to assist you in your next move.

Dupage Technology Group Inc

271 W 61st St, Westmont, IL 60559

Mail Boxes & More-Westmont, IL

210A E Chicago Ave, Westmont, IL 60559

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