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Moving Tips & Guides
Where is Your Trucking Company ...
The location of the company is also important to consider when choosing. If the company is located too far from your pick-up point, that may create problems and/or fees or they may not even consider taking the job.
Moving Frauds and Scams
Scams unfortunately exist in all facets of business and it’s important to know how to avoid them. Moving frauds and scams are especially common these days, and they are an unfortunate evil that comes with trusting your belongings to dishonest movers, so familiarize yourself with the warning signs so you can avoid disaster and prevent yourself from falling victim to one of these prevalent moving scams.
Moving Company Policies
Every moving company has different policies regarding different facets of the move that can range from how they go about the packing and loading process to how they conduct the move and how they give estimates, so it can’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the most common ones so you can be prepared for your move.
Planning a Long Distance Move
A long distance move is defined by any move that takes you more than 50-100 miles from your old home. With a definition that is this broad, it can be used to describe a move that takes you all the way to the other side of the country, or a move that takes you to the other side of the state. But the one thing that all long distance moves have in common is that they require careful planning, and a lot of it.
Have Someone Who Has Driven Trucks ...
In order to find the best trucking company possible for transport, consider having someone who knows about the inner workings of large trucks either conduct the interview with the company or at least have them sit in on the interview and provide their feedback afterward. It’ll be helpful to have an insider’s perspective.

Recent Moving Reviews
Everything was great
404 movers
It was great man, I mean everything went according to plan, they got there on time, picked up everything on time and dropped it off on time, no incidents every thing was great.
Review by : Aleky
Posted on : 5/25/2017
Good Crew
All My Sons-Atlanta
It was a good crew,the actual men themselves that did the move. The office was a little- there was some communication- some disconnect in the communication between the crew and the office. That seems to be the standard in the industry in Atlanta. When we arrived where we were moving into, we almost didn't get in because the company had damaged something on property and had not resolved it. And we almost were not allowed in with that truck.
Review by : Carolyn
Posted on : 5/8/2017
Stay Away From All My Sons
All My Sons-Atlanta
I would give 0 stars if I could. The initially booking process was fine. I instructed the person on the phone that I needed the movers at my apartment at 11am or earlier. He said that he would have them get to me between 10am and 11am. I then received a call from Scott 2 days before my move. He stated that the notes said I wanted an afternoon move (clearly not the case). I corrected the time and even said that they can come before 11 am (SO A MORNING MOVE). He said he would have a crew to me between 10:30 - 11. The day of my move, I called Scott around 11:45 as nobody had called me and no moving crew had shown up. Scott then said that I wanted an afternoon move per the notes. I reminded him that we spoke 2 days earlier and agreed on a morning move. The timing for my move was essential as I had a lot of moving pieces so this error on their part, greatly inconvenienced me. I had to cancel installations, etc. Even after Scott admitted that the error was on their end, he refused to compensate me for the inconvenience and became confrontational. My mom wanted to speak with him (she and my step dad were helping me move). Scott continued to be confrontational and not letting us speak. Every time we tried, he raised his voice and cut us off. We asked for a supervisor and he said that he was the supervisor and refused to let us speak to anyone else. My step dad heard him speaking to us in this manner and of course wanted to step in. Scott then got an attitude that my parents had something to say, said "I'm not doing this. The move is canceled," and hung up on us. This left me with no movers on the day of my move. We then called back to get my deposit back since he had ridiculously canceled my move (I had put down a $100 when booking). He said it would be out of their account that day and disconnected the call again. Not once did he apologize to us for raising his voice and leaving me with no movers. All My Sons would do well to learn what customer service is. If you can't deal with people, then you don't need to be in a position where you are speaking to people over the phone after they sign up to spend hundreds of dollars for you to move their life. STAY AWAY FROM ALL MY SONS!
Review by : Mareva
Posted on : 3/17/2017

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Make your relocation a breeze by taking a look at the following trucking and transportation companies in Atlanta, Georgia. No matter how far you plan on moving, these companies will gladly assist in making your move a stress-free experience.

Archway Transport Services Inc

3735 Zip Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30354
US DOT # 659865, ICC MC # 309327

Robert Oneal Transport LLC

110 San Marino Ct, Atlanta, GA 30349
US DOT # 2141456, ICC MC # 750995

A And E Transportation LLC

1325 Donald Lee Hollowell Road, Atlanta, GA 30318
US DOT # 1365920

Ies Trucking

1437 Moray St, Atlanta, GA 30311
US DOT # 1123338, ICC MC # 459005

Ants Truckin Inc

804 Walden Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30349
US DOT # 1184638, ICC MC # 472037

Executive Limousine Transportation Inc

245 University Avenue Sw, Atlanta, GA 30315
US DOT # 1030578, ICC MC # 587934

Strozier Trucking & Hauling

1218 Eastridge Rd Sw, Atlanta, GA 30311
US DOT # 2266524

Sunwa Trucking Inc

3500 Empire Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30354
US DOT # 2257853, ICC MC # 770506

Daebang Transportation LLC

3665 Broughton Cir, Atlanta, GA 30339
US DOT # 2329965, ICC MC # 795387

Smith And Wright Trucking LLC

406 Saint Johns Avenue Sw, Atlanta, GA 30315
US DOT # 2206729, ICC MC # 775283

Doraville Trucking Co Inc

2801 Tryon Pl, Atlanta, GA 30319
US DOT # 965184

Central International Trucks Inc

3799 Browns Mill Rd Se, Atlanta, GA 30350
US DOT # 278354

Reliabull Transport

8404 Roswell Rd Apt J, Atlanta, GA 30350
US DOT # 1730751, ICC MC # 634144

Transport Services Inc-Atlanta, GA

635 Airport South Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30349
US DOT # 552584, ICC MC # 432822

Gemini Transportation Services

2971 N Fulton Drive, Atlanta, GA 30305
US DOT # 2331935

Wisemen Transportation LLC

541 10th Street Suite 151, Atlanta, GA 30318
US DOT # 2043278, ICC MC # 716452

Chase Trucking Inc

3229 Flowers Rd S Apt G, Atlanta, GA 30341
US DOT # 882088, ICC MC # 385089

Sams Tape Truck

2785 Osborne Rd Ne, Atlanta, GA 30319
US DOT # 359078

G P H Trucking

1623 Jobeth Ave, Atlanta, GA 30316
US DOT # 772833

Gt-way Transportation

115 Briarlake Ct Ne, Atlanta, GA 30345
US DOT # 2275186, ICC MC # 777160

Best Warehousing & Transportation Center Inc

201 Fisk Drive Sw, Atlanta, GA 30336
US DOT # 460064, ICC MC # 736892

All American Trucking LLC

3726 Ashford Dunwoody Road Ne, Atlanta, GA 30319
US DOT # 1538707, ICC MC # 572588

Express Trucking Inc

3991 Old Dixie Rd, Atlanta, GA 30349
US DOT # 586890, ICC MC # 284294

Tussie Roll Trucking

2134 Bent Creek Way, Atlanta, GA 30311
US DOT # 905923

Smart Kids Transports LLC

6462 Dekeon Drive, Atlanta, GA 30349
US DOT # 2324087


Disclaimer: This information is not endorsed by, and we recommend you check the profiles of these companies before choosing them. This public information was drawn from the regional Yellow Pages.


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