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Moving During the School Year
Many people who have children opt to move during the summer when school is out for the year, however sometimes the circumstances don't allow for easy planning and schedules to fall into place and you must move in the middle of a school year. While there are many hurdles that come with moving your kids during a school year, it can be done painlessly if you know what to expect and how to tackle the challenges as they come.
Your Trucking Company’s Equipment
Once you’ve chosen a company find out and be sure that they have the proper equipment for your goods. Ask them if there is a certain way that your items should be packed for shipment and if you’ll have to provide them with extra equipment on the day of. The trucks they use should also be in good repair and well-maintained, if a company you are thinking of using doesn’t meet your needs or standards then you should continue looking.
Saving Money on Your Move
You’ve already learned how to save money for your move, and now the time has come to follow through on the move. So what are some of the best ways to pull off an affordable and cheap move without sacrificing quality? Here are some helpful money-saving tips and useful advice on how to make the most of your money during your move.
Tips for Moving to a City
Living in a big city can be overwhelming, and moving to one can be downright stressful, especially if you have never experienced all of the sights, sounds, and smells that a big city has to offer on a daily basis. If you know a little bit of what to expect before you move though, it won't be so bad. Preparing yourself for adjusting to big city life and putting yourself in an urban state of mind will help you to become accustomed to the changes when you move.
Reasons for Moving
There are many reasons why a person or a family might choose to move. These reasons can range from personal and financial reasons to employment reasons and even a simple lifestyle change or change of scenery. Getting a better grasp and understanding of these reasons might help you better prepare for your move.

Recent Moving Reviews
Well the movers were great, but...
Geo Van Lines
Well the movers were great, but when we called to make the arrangements to get this done, my husband told them that he was going to pay with his credit card and they said that would be fine and when it came time to pay, well for one thing they quoted us one price and then it turned into two hundred dollars more and then when my husband went to pay (not the two guys who were moving us, but their agent or whoever they were talking to) said that he couldn't pay with a credit card. My husband said "Well, the guy that I made the arrangements with said I could and I don't remember the guys name." Then this guy got smart with my husband he said "well, you've gotta pay in cash" and well, we didn't have 900 dollars in cash and I didn't even have my checkbook with me so I couldn't even write him a check. Then he said to my husband "When you go to the grocery store, you expect to pay don't ya?" and my husband said "Look this isn't my fault, this is y'all's fault because the guy that I dealt with told me that I could pay with my credit card." And of course the guy that was moving us, who was really a nice guy, really really enjoyed his company along with the move; felt very confident with what he did, didn't scratch a thing, he said "well, I would take credit card", but any way it ended up that he didn't have a choice because we didn't have nine hundred dollars in our pocket and I didn't have my checkbook so he had to accept it, but my husband was really hot! First they said they'd be here at 8 o'clock in the morning and they called us about 8 o'clock in the morning and they asked if we were still on and we said "oh yea we're still waitin' on ya" and they said 'OK well we've got to get our equippment ready." So they called back in about an hour and said "hey look we've got a problem, the trailer had a leak in the roof." so they couldn't use it, then they called back and said the other one's leaking too, so we're going to have to rent a truck. So, anyway they said "it was going to be a while, probably about noon before we get over there." The whole thing was a fiasco, I'm not kidding ya! Noon they called and said " well, we had to rent a truck, but it'll take us about an hour to get over there." So about two o'clock they show up, or somewhere around there. So long story short, we had to make a stop that was along the way to pick up a piece of furniture that I had bought, they said that there would be no extra charge for that, because it was on the way. So we stopped and picked that up and then it was getting late and so anyway, we stopped and ate, and I bought the two guys dinner and we sat down and ate very fast and was out of there in 20 minutes. By the time we get to where we were moving to, it was dark 30. So here we are unloading that stuff in the dark into the house, it was 9/10 o'clock. Then we had to put beds together, because we were going to sleep there that night. Nothing went right and then there was the argument over payment. Well, they sho
Review by : William
The best long distance movers I ...
Edens Moving Services LLC
Save yourself the time and trouble of trying to do it yourself or hiring questionable movers - I fully recommend Eden's Moving Services to anyone who needs professional moving services! I used their long distance moving service, their storage service and their packing services and they did a great job. The teams where very professional and the entire move process was perfect. Due to a bad weather their sales rep called to apologies about the couple days delay but knowing they are being extra cautious just proves my point and getting all by belongings to my new home damage free is much more important than getting them on time. I want the owner phone number to tell him how this is the best moving experience I ever got, and I had a lot! Way to go all of you. One of the last companies to do it right.%0d%0a
Review by : Kevin
They were very careful and they ...
Two Men And A Truck
They were very careful they were very good. Ya know they did a good job. I was very pleased with it,
Review by : Anonymous

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Make your relocation a breeze by taking a look at the following trucking and transportation companies in Fort Worth, Texas. No matter how far you plan on moving, these companies will gladly assist in making your move a stress-free experience.

Rascal Busi Trucking

3105 Dona Lee, Fort Worth, TX 76105
US DOT # 854195, ICC MC # 376390

Morffis Transport

100 Highland Ter S, Fort Worth, TX 76134
US DOT # 1401590, ICC MC # 531929

Jbl Trucking

8428 Orleans Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76123
US DOT # 2153295

Javier Rodriquez Trucking LLC

228 Dakota Ridge Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76134
US DOT # 1205038, ICC MC # 478405

Hadiba Trucking Inc

2256 Ridgemar Plz #59, Fort Worth, TX 76116
US DOT # 205045, ICC MC # 159210

Duran Trucking-Fort Worth, TX

2324 Bird Street, Fort Worth, TX 76111
US DOT # 1954361

Sb Transport-Fort Worth, TX

1408 Pepperidge Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76131
US DOT # 2052407, ICC MC # 718879

Maan Brother Transport LLC

9420 Shoveler Trl, Fort Worth, TX 76118
US DOT # 1810792, ICC MC # 661852

Silva Trucking-Fort Worth, TX

3104 N Nichols, Fort Worth, TX 76106
US DOT # 2004035

Randy Walker Trucking

8721 San Joaquin, Fort Worth, TX 76118
US DOT # 1947786

Wichita Partners Trucking And Maintenance Lp

5327 Wichita Street, Fort Worth, TX 76119
US DOT # 1967263

Staar Transportation

408 Sandy Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76120
US DOT # 1952988

Imperial Transport-Fort Worth, TX

2586 Cattlebaron Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76108
US DOT # 1579482, ICC MC # 584813

T & B Transportation-Fort Worth, TX

5178 Ollie Street, Fort Worth, TX 76119
US DOT # 1688754, ICC MC # 620280

Southwestern Transportation

3001 Sarah Jane Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76119
US DOT # 2093557, ICC MC # 730314

Air Cargo Father And Son Trucking

4901 Trentman Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76119
US DOT # 1738892

Ginas Trucking

3512 Carriage Hill Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76140
US DOT # 1942440

A Dominguez Trucking

6225 Mustang St, Fort Worth, TX 76114
US DOT # 2036114

Chavez Trucking-Fort Worth, TX

9105 Saint Kitts Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76123
US DOT # 765845

S & D Transport LLC-Fort Worth, TX

9028 Penny Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76123
US DOT # 2121705, ICC MC # 739397

Maalt Transport

4413 Carey St, Fort Worth, TX 76119
US DOT # 1281138, ICC MC # 499281

Robert Palmer Trucking

563 Aviator Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76179
US DOT # 1930178, ICC MC # 689667

A Shippers Choice Transportation

5601 Birchman #210, Fort Worth, TX 76107
US DOT # 916932, ICC MC # 397419

Reb Transportation Inc

2400 Cold Springs Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76106
US DOT # 23024, ICC MC # 88380

Ledesma Trucking-Fort Worth, TX

3032 Fairview, Fort Worth, TX 76111
US DOT # 1948078


Disclaimer: This information is not endorsed by, and we recommend you check the profiles of these companies before choosing them. This public information was drawn from the regional Yellow Pages.


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