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Extra Charges for Apartment Moves

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All too often the final cost of moving does not match up to the first quote. There are a few reasons why companies can lawfully charge a customer more money after a move than they proposed before a move. Knowing these reasons is a matter of money and a lot of cash at that.

This guide offers information on some extra charges imposed by moving companies. Knowing about these charges before hand will help you better compare company costs when considering your move.

Basic Moving Costs

When you ask how much will moving cost you, many factors must be measured. Weight, distance and labor are all elements that determine the price you will have to shell out when settling in a new place. Common sense tells you that the less weight, distance and labor, the smaller the bill. For instance, the cost of moving a two-bedroom apartment 300 miles away by yourself will be cheaper than the cost of moving a five-bedroom house 3,000 miles away with a full-service company. Once you have decided whether or not you are going to hire a company, then and only then should you be concerned with any extra costs.

Additional Moving Costs

As noted, knowing what a moving company can legally charge above and beyond what they initially promised is essential in choosing a certain business to help you relocate. By becoming aware of the below charges, you will be a more empowered customer:

  • Elevator Carry - One of the more common additional charges, the elevator carry cost is not that unexpected. If getting to the front door of your new pad requires reaching a certain floor, then obviously professional movers will opt to use an elevator to shift your belongings rather than take the stairs. Loading and unloading an elevator entails more time and labor, both of which are not free.


  • Stair Carry - If indeed your new digs is on the fifth floor and there is no elevator in the building, then movers will most likely charge you for carrying your furniture and boxes up flights of stairs, often called stair carries.


  • Long Carry - Just as it sounds, the long carry is a charge that applies when the movers must transport a load further than expected. Having a distance limit between the truck to the apartment entrance is how movers draw the line on how far they will carry a load. Of course, money talks and will make movers walk further past the fixed distance for an additional fee.


  • Shuttle Service - If a large moving truck is unable to access the entrance of your apartment, the moving company may have to provide a shuttle service, which will transfer your items unto a smaller vehicle that can readily access the entry.


  • Specialty Movers - Relocating a piano or moving a safe is simply not the same as carrying an encased guitar or a piggy bank. Thus, specialty movers. If you have a heavy or awkward shaped item, chances are movers will charge you more for transporting it from the truck to the apartment. Depending on the fixture, some moving companies may not even be willing to budge the piece, hence, you will have to hire a specialty mover to do the job.


  • Expedited Service - As with anything, if you want it quicker you are going to pay more. If you must have your household items delivered on an exact day and you are unwilling to settle for the two week window period most moving companies give, then you will have to shell out more green, and for that matter you should expect to.


  • Customs Clearance - Though you would assume hiring an international moving company would include a customs clearance cost in the estimate, don't be so sure. Not only should you ask specifically, you ought to check with the country you are relocating to about all import fees.

Bottom-line, when you are getting quotes from moving companies ask about all the aforementioned services and if they cost extra. While some companies may charge for long carries, others may not, which may very well be the deciding factor in what business you choose to use, especially if you have a quarter mile walkway surrounded by rosebuds that a truck cannot access!

Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on June 28, 2013

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