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How to Maximize Storage in Your Apartment

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Just because you are moving into a small apartment, doesn't mean you aren't hauling enough stuff with you to fill a five-bedroom house. When your belongings just don't seem to fit in your tight living quarters, you have to get creative and find unique ways to stow your things. Read on to find out how to make the most of your apartment's space and maximize your storage options.

Wall Shelves and Vertical Space

The best way to create storage in a small apartment is to take advantage of your vertical space. Hang wall shelves for books, DVDs, linens and towels, cooking spices, kitchen utensils--they can be useful in any room in your apartment. Shelves are also a great way to display your decorative knick-knacks and framed photos.

Under the Bed

Though it has a reputation as a place to hide your most secretive belongings, the underside of your bed has many more uses. Invest in some airtight plastic bins to stash your out-of-season wardrobe--this will free up some much-needed space in your closet for clothes you are currently wearing. Shoes in their boxes (or a shoe organizer) can also be slid under the bed for out-of-the-way safe-keeping. You can also use a decorative bed-skirt or a larger bedspread which hangs to the floor to keep your items concealed and out-of-sight.

Trunks and Chests

A wooden trunk or chest can be a convenient storage unit and add charm to your decor. The storage possibilities are endless--books, towels, DVDs, clothes, or random sentimental items you have no practical use for but just can't bear to toss out. In a particularly small apartment, a trunk can even double as seating when guests visit. You can drape fabric over the piece if doesn't complement your decor, or even place a cushion on the top for added comfort.

Hang Wall Hooks

Another way to utilize your vertical space is to hang hooks on your walls. This will help you minimize clutter and free up the floor for storing other items. Hang towels and robes in your bathroom; jewelry, scarves and hats in your bedroom; and pots, pans and cookware in your kitchen. This will free up kitchen cabinet space for small appliances and food, bathroom storage for toiletries, and bedroom closet space for shoes and your wardrobe.

Get Creative with Your Closet

Speaking of your closet, can we ever have one that is big enough? If your bedroom closet looks more like a broom closet, there are a few ways to creatively increase its storage capabilities.
  • Install an extra rod. You can purchase this apparatus for your closet to create extra clothing storage. The additional rod hangs from your original one, halfway down the length of your closet. This enables you to store double the clothes in the same space!

  • Use plastic drawers. If you have some space on your closet floor, a set of plastic drawers can be used to store folded clothes, underwear, accessories, and a variety of other items.

  • Use plastic shoe boxes. Instead of struggling to fit an array of cardboard shoe boxes that differ in size and shape and don't stack efficiently in your closet, invest in some slim and uniform plastic shoe boxes. These will be much easier to stack on the floor of your closet or on a high shelf, and take up a lot less space.

  • Use canvas shelves. These useful hanging shelves are a cheap and easy way to increase space in your closet. Simply hang them from the rod to store folded sweaters, jeans, shoes, or anything that doesn't require a hanger.

  • Over-the-door rack. These convenient racks make the most of out of a closet's unused door space. Different styles come adorned with pockets for shoes and/or hooks for belts, scarves and handbags.

Multi-purpose Furniture

In an apartment with limited space, purchasing furniture that can double as storage is a resourceful solution. Purchase a bed with drawers underneath or shelves at the head. Coffee tables, end tables, and entertainment centers often have shelving or drawers in them as well. You can even purchase ottomans or footrests that open up and become little storage units. Even if your end table or coffee table has nothing beneath it but air, drape a table cloth over the top and stash crates of goods underneath to create your own concealed storage!

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on June 18, 2013

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