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Moving in with Your BFF

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Moving in with your best friend can be a dream, because hey, they're your best friend. But no matter how long you've been BFFs, there is still going to be some adjustments in the beginning and things that you might not have thought about. Consider the following a warning if you plan on moving in with your best friend anytime soon. 

Your BFF has commitment issues

Moving is a major commitment. Moving in with someone else is an even bigger commitment. Think about it. You're going to be living with that person day-in and day-out for the term of your lease, so if your best friend has some commitment issues--be it a job, relationships, etc.--it's best to hash out those issues before you sign any paperwork. 

Your BFF isn't so clean

Your friend's slovenly nature might be cute in small doses:
  • You: "Uhhh, that fry is still in your backseat from last year. Maybe you should take care of that."
If you're a neat freak and your BFF's cleanliness is very far down on their priority list, set some ground rules in advance... or a bio-hazard tent. Whatever's easier. 

Your BFF is bad with money

Paying rent requires money. Does your best friend "forget" to pay her bills on time? Does he spend an entire paycheck in one afternoon, then beg you for some cash for Starbucks? Maybe you should reconsider moving in with this person. Unless you're independently wealthy--in that case, allow your moocher best friend to continue mooching. 

However, there are some perks...

You both can go grocery shopping

Grocery shopping isn't exactly thrilling, but when you live with your best friend, taking the trip together can at least help you get it done faster--and you don't have to make a million trips up and down the stairs. 

You're both comfortable to walk around pants-less

Pants are the devil. Thank your lucky stars you're comfortable enough with your best friend to walk around without pants in your home and not feel inappropriate. Besides pants, you're also comfortable enough to be honest and address any issues you might have. There's no need to tip-toe around who left the ice tray empty -- you can full on yell at each other and go back to normal two minutes later. 

You're each others' favorite person

If you live with your best friend, you always know you're going home to (one of) your favorite people. What's better than that? The answer to that is nothing. Well, maybe pizza with your best friend, but really that's about it. 

Now go out there and find your dream home with your BFF! 

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Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on March 20, 2015

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