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Securing Windows in your Apartment

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Whether you live in the first floor of a garden community or in the penthouse of a skyrise, the windows of your apartment may need some extra security. Whether its to protect against burglars or for other safety reasons, here are some tips for securing the windows in your apartment.

Security for windows

Security devices for windows vary depending on the type of window that is installed, but it's important that all accessible windows are secure.

Accessible windows are considered any opening within 18 feet of ground level, a building projection or a fire escape.
*Additional security should be applied to windows near a fire escape such as a bathroom or kitchen window.

Security film

Security window films help protect your home from break-ins and even hurricanes and other severe weather events. Window films are designed to keep glass fragments together to help prevent injury if it is ever shattered. Because it's reinforced, it can help slow down a burglar and also discourage them from trying to enter.

Security bars

Security bars are relatively simple, low-tech, inexpensive and highly effective when it comes to home security. Home security bars are essentially metal grids that are screwed or bolted through the window frames.

Simple DIY installation versions have three or four steel bars set in a metal frame and are usually available at home improvement stores. There are also custom-designed bars made of wrought iron that can cost up to $1,000 or more.

Window alarm kits

Installing a simple window alarm kit can be a quick and easy way to secure your apartment windows. There are options available at most home improvement stores, and some are as easy to install as peel and stick.

Once installed, when the alarm is opened by the intruder the magnetic circuit is broken and a loud alarm will sound.

Security screens

A window security screen might resemble an insect screen, but they are reinforced and much stronger. They are often made of steel and can stand up to knives and strong force. They are permanently mounted to the frame so they will be hinged on one side with an interior latch to allow for emergency exits.


This may seem obvious, but locking your windows is the first line of defense. Often enough burglars don't actually break anything to gain access--they take advantage of an open or unlocked door or window. So when leaving your apartment or settling in for the night, be sure that all your windows are closed and locked properly.

Because some of these suggestions are permanent and need to be installed, be sure to discuss any and all concerns you have with your landlord before installing anything. They may not have realized that there were some lapses in security and may consider an overhaul of the windows and doors.

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