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The Best Amenities to Have in Your Building

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When searching for an apartment, there are specific needs your potential living space will need to fulfill--price range, size, and location are usually the main things we look for when seeking a rental. However, apartment buildings and complexes often come equipped with a multitude of additional amenities and features that may make the property more or less desirable to you. This guide will list some of the most popular and sought-after apartment building amenities so that you can decide which ones are essential to you for your apartment search.

Secure Entrance

The most important feature in any building is safety. Buildings with unlocked main entries grant access to burglars and other undesirables. Your apartment complex should feature either a gated entry, keyless-entry codes or passes, call-boxes for visitors or a doorman to ensure that the only people gaining entrance to the building are residents and their invited guests. Security cameras are a plus, as well.

24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

If a pipe bursts and floods your bathroom at 2 a.m., it would help if there was someone available to fix it. Having a live-in superintendent or 24-hour maintenance service for your complex is optimum to avoid frustrating hassles that can result from broken appliances, malfunctioning plumbing, or other mishaps. If there is no maintenance on-site at all times, you could wind up roasting in your apartment during a 90-degree heat wave for an entire weekend when your air-conditioner breaks down.

On-Site Management

Having a property manager that lives in the complex or has designated office hours each day makes handling important apartment-related matters much easier. Having the opportunity to walk to the rental office to ask important questions , pay your rent, lodge noise complaints, or report maintenance issues will facilitate resolving the matter. If you have to attempt to call an apartment manager, leave messages, or deal with the run-around from a receptionist, your necessary repairs or other pertinent issues may not be dealt with for days.

Imminent Parking

Access to parking in close proximity to your apartment is a much-desired convenience for many renters. Nobody wants to hunt for a spot after a long day at work or walk a half of a mile to their building lugging hags of heavy groceries. Some buildings do not have their own lot, and simply provide a permit for street parking. This can be rather inconvenient if you arrive home after the majority of other residents and all the prime spots are taken. Ideally, your building should provide you with on-site parking and one assigned spot close to your unit. You may even opt to seek a building that is equipped with a covered parking garage.

Balcony or Patio

Apartment living can grow restrictive--it's always a plus to have some private outdoor space to enjoy some fresh air or have a beer with friends. Many apartment offer a balcony, patio, stoop or even a small yard space so that you can simply step out your door to enjoy the beautiful weather rather than having to leave your building to seek out a nice quiet place to relax. Many complexes will also feature a shared outdoor space, such as a garden or courtyard for residents to enjoy.

On-Site Laundry Facility

Easily one of the most sought-after amenities, having a laundry room in your complex eradicates the burdensome chore of hauling baskets of laundry to your car, driving to the laundromat, and then being forced to sit in the seedy establishment while you wait for your cycle to be complete. Even more convenient than an on-site laundry facility? A washer and dryer right inside your unit.


Trudging up and down several flights of stairs gets tiresome quickly--especially if you are armed with several sacks of groceries or other heavy items. If you are located on a higher floor in a larger building, an elevator is a highly-appreciated convenience. Unless you appreciate the heavy leg workout treading up the stairs will give you every day, be sure the nine-story apartment building you are moving into is equipped with an elevator.

Storage Space

Apartment storage is rarely adequate, but some buildings certainly provide more space than others. Multiple roomy closets will come in handy if you are a retail junkie--you will need some place to store your many pairs of shoes. Even if you are a minimalist, there's likely to be some sentimental possessions you have held onto, such as boxes of old family photos. If you are the athletic type, you may need a place to stash your bicycle, snowboard or skis. In addition to closet space, some apartments also offer access to basement storage for bulky items you can't find a place for in your unit.


While not considered a necessary amenity for many renters, access to a pool, gym, or other recreational facility on the property is quite a luxury. It eliminates the added monthly cost of paying for an outside membership (although you will likely pay higher rent to compensate) and adds the convenience of having these facilities so close to home. It's also a great way to get in shape and meet other people in your building.

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on June 11, 2013

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