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Using the Stairs When Moving Into Your New Apartment

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Just the sound of the title is exhausting. However, with no elevator in your new apartment building there is no other choice but to climb. So while you grin and bear it, make the timely and tiresome task a bit less daunting by following some tips:

Check Stair Safety

The very first thing you will want to do before climbing a set of stairs carrying heavy items is to check the safety of the flight of steps. Make sure all the boards are tightly bolted down and there are no holes in the wood that you inevitably trip over or fall through.

Count the Stairs

Though it sounds silly, it is actually very important to count how many stairs you will have to climb. For safety purposes, knowing exactly how many stairs you have enables you to pace yourself and stand and regain strength on certain numbered stairs. While climbing, concentrate on your feet and be aware of the height, depth and distance between each step so you know exactly how much to lift your legs.

Never Work Alone

Another important safety aspect of climbing up and down a stairwell when moving is to never do it alone. Stairs are dangerous and you must not only use caution when climbing them but you should always have someone present in case you trip or fall while carrying a load. Even more importantly, it will be likely that you are going to need two sets of hands to carry your furniture up the stairs, hence, you need to have a friend or two around to help you.

Avoid Talking

While you are carrying a load, with help or without, you should avoid talking. Not only will you lose your breath quicker, you are more likely to get distracted, which would cause you to trip or fall, taking your friend down with you.

Take Your Time

Patience grasshopper, patience. Taking your time while climbing stairs and carrying heavy items is one of the best safety measures you can take. Though you may want to hurry up the stairs as fast as you can feeling like you're going to drop the load if you don't reach the front door soon, don't do it. It is better to stop at certain numbered stairs noted earlier and regain your breath and strength.

Proper Footwear

The safest and most comfortable footwear to have on when climbing and carrying items up stairs is sneakers with good traction. Wearing flip flops or loose shoes raises the risk of slips and falls. Also assure you are not wearing pants or a skirt that are too long and may cause you to trip.


Lastly, the most obvious factor that will keep you from harm is light. It is very important to guarantee you have good lighting that shows the height, depth and distance of the steps so you can see each one as you climb it.


As aforementioned, you should never carry a heavy item up a load of stairs by yourself. The following lifting tips and the help of a friend will make your climb safer while you move. Before you lift anything up, size up the space of the stairwell and make sure you can move freely in the area. Once clear, gain your balance before you lift the load in front of you with your palms and fingers. Then, slowly bend your knees and keep your back straight as you use your body weight to lift and push up your legs. Always keep your arms and elbows close to your side, carrying the load as close to your chest and body as possible. When placing the item down, bend the knees again and slowly set down the load.

Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on July 12, 2013

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