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How Much Should I Tip My Movers?
Asked by : Admin  957 views Date: 5/3/2018 1 Answer(s)
Need to move a large, heavy German shrunk (wall unit) from one wall to another wall in the same room. Size is prox. 7 high by 8-9 long.
Asked by : Susan  1368 views Date: 4/19/2018 1 Answer(s)
One item -no Hurry to come across the country; i.e., Louisiana to CA
Asked by : Janeen  1062 views Date: 4/5/2018 1 Answer(s)
I just need a 2 bedroom townhouse packed not moved , how much will it cost and how long??
Asked by : Maryanne  1155 views Date: 4/3/2018 1 Answer(s)
I need to move an 8x8 wooden storage shed can u recommend a company? I cant find one el cajon calif.
Asked by : Leslie  1080 views Date: 3/20/2018 1 Answer(s)
I'm an elderly woman who needs two very strong people to move a heavy object in my living room from one wall to an adjacent wall.
Asked by : Sharis  331 views Date: 2/11/2018 1 Answer(s)
Move a shed
Asked by : Kyle  154 views Date: 2/4/2018 1 Answer(s)
Move Furniture Piece
Asked by : Jackie  139 views Date: 2/4/2018 1 Answer(s)
Storage building move
Asked by : Brenda  171 views Date: 1/24/2018 1 Answer(s)
Hi, we are in the Tinley Park area and only need a television moved from our basement and out to our curb. It is very big and very heavy.Estimate?
Asked by : Erica  142 views Date: 1/9/2018 1 Answer(s)
I need to move temerpedic adjustable new June from Northbrook northern suburb,Chicago to Detroit both residences money is not the issue getting it doo
Asked by : Karen  138 views Date: 1/4/2018 1 Answer(s)
Move from old house to storage unit.
Asked by : Shaun  120 views Date: 1/4/2018 1 Answer(s)
I live in Carrollton ga and need a 12x12 storage shed made from wood moved across the yard about 100yards. How much $$$$
Asked by : Amy  137 views Date: 12/19/2017 1 Answer(s)
Research for move info
Asked by : Terri  268 views Date: 12/17/2017 1 Answer(s)
Travel Trailer moved
Asked by : Andrew  366 views Date: 12/14/2017 1 Answer(s)
What is the general method of payment for a state to state move
Asked by : Mike  93 views Date: 12/7/2017 1 Answer(s)
Do you move medical device?
Asked by : Samar  73 views Date: 12/3/2017 1 Answer(s)
I need packers only in 33544
Asked by : Andrea  43 views Date: 11/13/2017 1 Answer(s)
need to move a shed
Asked by : Anne  51 views Date: 11/8/2017 1 Answer(s)
I have a 14x12 gazebo that I need to be moved about an hour away from my current location to Toms River. Need a price for moving it. Can you help
Asked by : Karen  93 views Date: 10/5/2017 1 Answer(s)

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Only consider in-house ...
Moving companies that only give estimates over the phone could be fraudulent. Even if you describe things in painstaking detail, there is always something that you forget or some unknown feature of your home that could present a problem for the movers, which could end up costing you more for the move. In-house estimates are more accurate because the moving company’s representative can access the actual size and weight of the shipment and the layout and location of your home.
Types of Moving Vehicles
Regardless of how far away you are moving and the amount of stuff you bring with you, you are likely to need a truck. You may plan on renting one to drive yourself, or you might decide to hire a moving company to transport your things for you. Either way, there are many different trucks and vans designed for different types of moves. The following is a list of the most common trucks and moving vans.
Common Terms Found in the ...
During your move, you will likely come across the bill of lading. This document serves as a contract between you and your moving company and lays out all the information regarding the move. The bill of lading is full of legal jargon, which can make it difficult to understand. That being said, here are explanations of some of the tricky terms and fine print you might encounter on your bill of lading.

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