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Asked by Dan

September 6, 2012 under Others


Answered by Robert Moreschi

April 16, 2013

Moving large items is difficult, especially cumbersome items like a hot tub. While I wholeheartedly agree that the backyard is a much better place for your hot tub than the garage, you're going to need some help if you want to move it safely and without damaging anything (that includes yourself). For starters, since you're moving the hot tub from your garage to your backyard, it's likely that you wo not have to navigate up or down any sets of stairs, which is a huge plus when you're attempting to move large items. You'll have a much easier time getting it from your garage to your backyard if there are no stairs involved.

What you're first going to need to do is gather at least three to four people to assist you in moving the hot tub. Then, you'll have to empty the hot tub of any water, if it was filled. You can drain it using a hose connected to the drain pipe and running it outside, preferably into your driveway where you can let the water drain into the street. If the hot tub is empty or once you've drained all the water from it, take all of the wires and any loose parts and secure them to the inside of the tub to prepare it for moving.

Next, you'll need to obtain tow straps, a piece of 4x4 lumber, two four-wheel furniture dollies and an appliance dolly. You can obtain these supplies from any moving supply outlet, or from a moving company. Once you've secured these supplies, you're ready to move it.

  • Using the help of a few people, lift the hot tub onto its side so that it's standing on one of its four edges. You'll have an easier time maneuvering it in this position.
  • With the tub on its side, lift up one of the corners and place the 4x4 underneath it, sliding it all the way until it's completely underneath the hot tub.
  • With the tub on the 4x4, place it onto the furniture dollies, with a dolly positioned under each end of the hot tub to properly balance out the weight and give it support. Secure tow straps to the hot tub to help hold it in place while you move it.
  • Slowly and carefully transport the hot tub to its final position and then, with a firm grip on all corners of the hot tub, slowly and gently lower it to the ground.
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