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Am looking for Mobil home mover in Lancaster ca. Or near by can you help me I needed asap

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Asked by Martha

March 28, 2014 under Others

Answered by Nicole La Capria

March 31, 2014

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Moving a mobile home is not always as simple as hitching it to the back of your vehicle and hitting the road! You will likely require the services of reliable and licensed mobile home movers to transport the home for you. You should also double-check to make sure that you are allowed to move the home, read up on any insurance requirements to relocate the home, and confirm that all of your property tax bills have been paid. There also many steps to physically prepare the home for the move, such as removing all exterior attachments, turning off all utilities and removing all valuables from the home's interior.

Make sure to give your mobile home mover detailed instructions to reach the destination and what to do when the home arrives at its new lot. Have all the necessary information ready, including the lot number.

Cost of moving a mobile home

The cost to move your mobile home may vary on a number of factors. Associated costs include:

  • Tear-down and Permissions: In many states you require permission to move your mobile home. You may also have to have it inspected before and after you move it. There are various expenses associated with removing the mobile home from its site-- it must be raised and lowered, the tongue and axles must be installed and the trim, doors and windows must be secured or removed. Tear-down costs can equal up to $1,000.
  • Transport: A mobile home mover will transport your home by hitching it to a mobile home toter or loading it onto a flatbed truck and driving it to your destination. This can cost anywhere between $5 to $17 a mile.
  • Set-up: There are also costs associated with setting the home up on your new property. You may have to pay to prepare the site with leveled blocks and a concrete or fiberglass pad. Set-up costs can range anywhere between $1200 to $4500.

Finding a mobile home mover

While does not offer quotes from mobile home movers specifically, you can fill out our fast and easy quote form to get contacted by up to seven "specialty" moving companies in your area. Special movers are companies that handle the transport of items that require special care, such as boats, pianos or mobile homes. While our website does not have a category specifically for mobile homes, many motorcycle or boat movers also offer that service. You can also browse these Lancaster moving companies and contact them to inquire if they offer this service.

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