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Best coast to coast CAR moving companies. Thanks

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Asked by Lora

February 23, 2015 under Auto Transport

What carrier ( location) better to choose when planning coast to coast car move? Some say - the destination location, others vary.... I need an enclosed vehicle move with items allowed to be in the trunk of my car during this move. Thanks

Answered by Jenna Farmer

February 24, 2015
Hi, welcome to and thanks for your auto transport question for your upcoming coast to coast move. 

Auto shippers
There are plenty of reasons why you'd want to ship your vehicle rather than driving it yourself, so since you've already made this decision, it's time to figure out who is the best for the job. When it comes to your question about location, many choose to have their vehicles shipped from their origin to the destination. It makes the most sense, in theory, right? 

There are other factors to consider, however, like price. An auto shipper in your town may have higher rates than a company just one town over. So it's best to shop around. You can start right here on - simply fill out an auto transport quote form and reliable companies in your area will contact you with free estimates! 

Another option is to consult an auto transport broker rather than one company directly. This way, the broker (without actually shipping your car), can handle the logistics of what location works best for your needs, and will schedule it for you. 

Preparing for shipment
While you may be opting for the higher end option of auto transport - the rules may not change. Typically, all personal belongings must be removed from the vehicle prior to shipment; however, you should certainly check with whatever company you are considering for hire. They will tell you exactly what the parameters are for preparing your car for shipping

Happy moving! 
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