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Can I have a single item shipped cross country (small motorcycle)

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Asked by Hensley

June 17, 2012 under Moving Companies

Answered by Nicole La Capria

April 17, 2013

While riding a motorcycle is exciting, figuring out how to move it isn't. Many moving companies won't move a motorcycle, so to transport your bike across country, you can either hire specialty movers to ship it for you or ship it yourself!

Hiring Motorcycle Movers

Motorcycle movers are specialty companies that are in the business of transporting bikes for your move. Having professionals handle your bike may cost a bit more, but may be worth avoiding costly damage to your motorcycle. Professional motorcycle movers will use special brackets to hold your bike in place during shipping, and usually offer the best insurance coverage. The cost of motorcycle movers will depend on your bike, the company, the method of shipping and the exact distance you are shipping it. To ship your bike clear across country from California to New York, one company quotes a price of $800 including insurance.

Moving the Bike Yourself

You can also transport your motorcycle on your own in a rental truck, such as U-Haul. You will need to make sure your bike is securely strapped in place so that it doesn't move around during transit and sustain any damage, dings or scratches. For transport on a U-haul or rental truck, you can purchase a towing kit. It comes equipped with a stabilizing chock and tie-downs to hold your bike in place. You should also wrap it with protective shrinkwrap and drain it of all flammable fluids before moving it on your rental truck.

Using a "You Load, We Drive" Portable Storage Unit

A "You Load, We Drive" service such as U-Pack, PACKRAT or POD can also be used to move your motorcycle. When moving your bike in a storage container, you will need to purchase ratchet straps to secure it to the anchor points inside the cube. This will keep the bike from falling over during transit and protect it from becoming scratched or damaged. You should wrap your bike with protective shrinkwrap, especially if you are moving other items in the cube. Remember to also drain all flammable fluids from your bike before it leaves for its new destination.

Whether you choose to ship your bike using specialty motorcycle movers, a portable storage unit or by driving it yourself in a rental truck, you can start comparing free quotes from companies today right here at Movers.com! Don't forget to stop by after your move and let us know about your experience by writing a moving review!

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