Can moving costs be deducted from my taxes
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Can moving costs be deducted from my taxes?

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Asked by Perry

September 27, 2018 under Others

I am planning to move early next year and was wondering if some (or all) of my moving expenses are tax deductible.

Answered by Michael E Fromm

September 27, 2018
Up until recently, if you moved for a new job, you were able to deduct some of the moving costs from your taxes. However, that has since changed, albeit a few exceptions.

The Tax Cuts and Job Act

Passed in December 2017, the Tax Cuts and Job Act eliminated a number of deductions many people were eligible for, including moving expenses. The TCJA is effective from tax year 2018 through tax year 2025, and is scheduled to come back at that time, unless Congress intervenes. 

Active-duty military

The only exception to the TCJA is if you move due to a job in the military. If you're an active member of the military, you can also qualify for the exemption, and you don't have to meet the time and distance tests. The move must be defined as a "permanent change of station,” meaning it's:
  • A move to your first active duty post
  • A move from one permanent duty post to another
  • A move within one year from your last post of duty to home, or to somewhere nearer in the United States

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