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Can you hire someone to drive a rented moving truck?

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March 3, 2013 under Moving Labor

Can I have someone to drive my rented moving truck?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

March 4, 2013

This is a great question, and one that is commonly asked by people who are choosing to go the DIY route when they move but would prefer not to drive their rented moving truck.

Unfortunately, there are no professional companies that hire out drivers solely to drive rented moving trucks, as the issues with insurance between the customer and the rental truck company who owns the moving truck would be too complicated.

There are a few reasons why a person may want to hire someone to drive the rented moving truck. For example, perhaps the family is moving multiple cars and need to drive their cars to their destination as well as the moving truck, but don't have enough drivers. Or perhaps the person who rented the moving truck doesn't have experience driving a moving truck and is worried about being able to maneuver it.

Well, it turns out that rented moving trucks, such as the ones you may get from Penske or U-Haul, are easy to drive and don't require any kind of past experience or training.

If that doesn't assuage your worries about moving day, fear not, there are still some options for you. If you have any friends or family members who are able and willing, perhaps you can pay them to drive your moving truck for you. If you aren't moving too far away, it is an option you can explore, and one that would likely be cheaper than paying a professional service anyway. Just don't forget to let the rental company know who will be driving the vehicle, for insurance purposes!

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