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Can you move a king size mattress in a pickup truck?

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Asked by Tammy

January 18, 2021 under Others

Can I fit my king size bed in my truck?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 30, 2021

You can move a king-size mattress in your pickup truck as long as the weather conditions are favorable and the distance to your destination is not too long. While a queen-size mattress may fit perfectly in your pickup truck, a king-size mattress will have to be loaded on its sides and have to be tied down. You will need to make sure that the move doesn't damage the mattress in any way. There are other things to consider like is it legal to carry a mattress in a pickup truck, how is the weather condition, and the value of the mattress.

How to move a king-size mattress in a pickup truck?

Read on to know how to move a king-size mattress in a pickup truck by following a proper step-by-step procedure.

Step 1: Preparing the mattress

The first step is to cover the mattress and protect it against any kind of dirt and dust during transit. You can use a tarp to cover the mattress and secure it with a rope or cord. Otherwise, you can get a mattress bag and after putting the mattress inside, use packing tape to seal it in place. If you are transporting the box spring as well, tie the two things together with a rope to add weight. This way, the mattress will not slip away during transit.

Step 2: Loading the mattress

The next step is to load the packed mattress onto the moving vehicle. If you are using a pickup truck for the move, you may find it difficult to lay the mattress flat because of its size. You may have to place the king size mattress in a way that it is leaning against the side of the vehicle. Moreover, make sure there is nothing heavy on top and at the bottom of the mattress. This will protect the mattress from any kind of damage during transit. You may also need to bring the tailgate down to fit the mattress in the pickup truck.

Step 3: Securing the mattress

Once you have loaded the mattress onto the truck, you will need to secure it so that it doesn’t fly off or slid away during transit. The lightweight mattresses with a large surface area are prone to risk because of other speedy trucks passing by the highway. You can use ratchet straps or a durable poly rope to tie down the mattress tightly.

Can you move a king-size mattress in a pickup truck?

As mentioned earlier, you cannot lay a king-size mattress flat inside a pickup truck. Such vehicles are ideal for transporting smaller beds like a twin-size mattresses. Although it is possible to keep the king-size mattress on its side and tie it down tightly, it might not be the best choice for a long-distance move. Even if you decide to load the king-size mattress and secure it on the pickup truck, you cannot add any other item that is heavy or big in size. Besides, you cannot fold the mattress to make it fit; that will only cause damage and it won’t be worth the effort.

How to move a king-size mattress by yourself?

An 8-feet pickup truck can only transport your double bed mattress safely. If you really need to move a king-size mattress by yourself, choose any other moving vehicle like a proper 10-feet moving truck or at least a cargo van. This will ensure that your mattress remains unharmed during transit. There are several companies proving truck rental services at reasonable prices across the country. Simply visit our page to reserve your moving truck for an upcoming move.

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