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Do auto shippers seal cars for domestic transport?

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April 8, 2013 under Moving Companies

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April 16, 2013

Open-air or enclosed? Those are the two ways you can choose to have your car transported domestically depending on the method of travel you choose.


Self explanatory, open-air auto shipping is just as it sounds. Your car is placed on a moving bed with no walls. Exposed to the natural elements and weather conditions, your car's exterior is not protected in anyway. Auto transport by train or boat can be either open-air or enclosed.


Also as it sounds, enclosed auto-transport is a method in which your car is placed within four walls, transported by a train, boat, airplane or tractor trailer of some sort.

Auto transport Basics

The best way to find out all auto-transport information is to ask. Some questions to raise along with transportation methods are what type of insurance is offered and how should you prepare your car for auto transport. While one of the tips for preparing your car for transport is to wash and clean it, that may be a waste of energy if you choose open-air auto transport. Save the cleaning for when your car arrives to your new residence since it will likely have gotten a little grimy from traveling.

Auto Transport Insurance

It is important to assure you have auto-transport insurance in the same way you would have movers insurance. Before seeking shipping insurance through a separate provider, check with your own car coverage policy since they may offer transport indemnity.

Open-air or enclosed, responsible auto-transport is up to you, so make sure you do your research before deciding to dock your car on train, boat or plane for transport.

To receive quotes and information on auto-transport, visit Movers.com and study your options. After your auto safely arrives at its destination, fill out a moving review so others can learn about the company you choose to transport your car.


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