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Do I get a refund If I return my moving truck early?

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Asked by Gary

November 20, 2019 under Moving Truck Rental

Will I get a refund if I return my moving truck early?

Answered by Staff Writer

November 21, 2019

Usually, truck rental rates vary, depending on the distance you move and the day you rent (whether it's a weekday or a weekend). So, if you rent a truck for a one-way move and you returned it early, no refund is guaranteed for your vehicle. But if you opt for a moving truck for a local move (which is about a few miles), you will likely be able to get a refund for unused days.

So, before renting a moving truck, make sure to check whether the company will provide any refund if you return the truck early. Also, ask about their late return fee and the prices they charge during peak moving period.

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