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Does the moving company provide an inventory of items that are stored?

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Asked by Jennifer

December 14, 2012 under Self Storage

Im moving into a smaller home, and so many of my belongings are not going to be able to fit into my new home. Some of my items are going to be placed into a storage unit, but I want to make sure I know exactly what is in there. Will there be a list of things that are stored?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

December 14, 2012
It all depends on which kind of self-storage option you choose. If you choose a DIY self-storage facility, which means that you pay for a lease on the storage unit, are given a lock and key, and must move your belongings into the unit yourself, then you will have to keep your own inventory of items.

Since this option is the more popular and more affordable option, it is the self-storage option that most people choose. However, if you choose to have to your moving company place your belongings in their own storage unit for you, you will have to pay more money for this service. Not all moving companies offer this, so you should ask beforehand if you are interested. In this case, you will be paying the moving company a monthly fee for use of the storage unit.

If you choose to have your moving company store your belongings, they will provide you with an inventory or items that are stored, along with the condition that the items are in. This service generally tends to be more expensive because it is a full-service storage option and your items will be professionally packed and wrapped by the movers and stored safely in their unit. This option is better for people who wish to store their items for long periods of time.

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