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Flint to Lansing Move

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Asked by Larry

February 9, 2013 under Others

I have 1 Bedroom, Luv seat an sofa,an few small items to be moved May 1st. Would it break the Bank?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

February 12, 2013
All things considered, your move shouldn't break the bank. Here, allow me to explain.

Your move, from Flint, MI to Lansing, MI is less than 60 miles in total distance, meaning that your move is typically defined as a local move in the moving industry. What this means is that the moving company you hire for the move will charge you by the hour for their services, rather than based on the weight of your shipment, like they would if it was a long-distance move.

Since you are only moving a one-bedroom residence and it doesn't seem like you have too many belongings that will need to be moved, your move will likely not take very long to complete, which will definitely keep the total cost of your move down when you get the final bill.

Most moving companies charge from $80-$100 per hour for a team of movers and truck to pick up and move your belongings for you. Depending on the distance you are moving, your total costs can be much lower than they would be for a long distance move.

These are just estimations though, based on my knowledge. If you wish to obtain a more accurate moving quote, simply fill out the quick and easy-to-use moving quote form on the front page of our site and you'll be connected with moving companies who can service your move. has been providing its customers with competitive moving quotes all over the United States from the most reputed and reliable moving companies. Compare and save! Visit our website to find moving guides that will help you through every step of your moving process.
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