Im looking to move couple of suitcases and a TV 42" inch from OK to MN
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Hi Team,I am looking forward to move couple of suitcase (2-3) medium size or may be 1 large including 1 TV 42" inch from oklahoma city to MN 55112

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Asked by Amit

August 9, 2016 under Others

I dont know what would be the suitable storage size and how much would it cost. Please advise and connect with suitable,reliable movers.

Answered by Monica Dufour

August 9, 2016

Hi and thank you for contacting with your question.

The movers you decide on will be able to determine what size storage you will need to transport your items. Each moving company has different size storage units. The size will also determine the price. To give you an idea of the different sizes, you can check out this guide.

Getting a quote
To find movers help you move to MN, you just need to fill out our free and secure form. You will then be connected with up to seven moving companies. From there, you can call the companies and explain that you only need a few items moved and find the one with the best quote.

I hope this was helpful and good luck with your move.

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