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how can I ship raw meat to Micronesia?

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Asked by Rosina

September 14, 2015 under Others

ship raw meat to Micronesia

Answered by Ryan Hussey

September 14, 2015
Hi Rosina, and thank you for your question!

International shipping

We understand that you'd like to ship raw meat from the United States to Micronesia. When it comes to shipping perishable items internationally, regulations differ from country to country. Our advice would be to contact your local consulate and inquire about Micronesian shipping regulations. Some countries prohibit the import of raw meat while other countries carefully restrict it.

Before you follow through with your shipment, be sure you have the right details about whether or not you can ship raw meat to your destination and how much of it a shipment can contain. Hope that helps!

Best of luck with your shipment, Rosina, and thanks again for your question.
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