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How do I know the size & quantity of boxes to buy?

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Asked by Jim

June 10, 2016 under Others

Small 4-bedroom suburban house (in Wilmette). We did a lot of de-cluttering. Will move in a 16ft container (PODS). Bringing a lot of crockery plant pots, dishes, pots/pans, many posters/prints (framed).

Answered by Amy Meerovich

June 13, 2016

Hello, thank you for contacting Movers.com with your question. 

There are many different packing materials for all of the items you need to move. The first step is deciding what kind of boxes you will need. 

Types of boxes

Picture boxes-for framed artwork and mirrors, they are large, flat and adjustable.
Kitchen boxes-boxes designed specifically for different kitchen items. You can find cellular boxes perfect for holding dishes or glasses.
Medium sized boxes-the most common box size, used for all of your random items including pots and pans and smaller planters.
Large boxes-These can hold any large planters you have or pieces of disassembled furniture.

Quantity of boxes

After you know which kind of boxes you need, you can estimate the quantity based on the size of the house you're moving. For a small four-bedroom house, you will need roughly 60 boxes in different sizes to complete your move. You may need a few more, or less depending on the actual amount of stuff you have.

For more information about packing materials, check out some of our handy guides. 

Thank you again for your question and good luck with your move.

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