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How do I prepare for a moving day?

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Asked by Dedra

February 1, 2021 under Others

In?case?the last-minute packing panics you, this guide might provide?you with?the right solution.??

Answered by Staff Writer

November 29, 2021

preparing for the moving dayIs thinking about a moving day, making you nervous? If yes, then this guide is meant for you. To be precise, you will learn how to wrap up the last-minute packing and prepare yourself for a shifting day.

The Correct Way to Prepare for a Moving Date?

Prepare your first night bag - Consider packing your bags with things that you will need before unpacking completely.

Cook your food - Don't forget to pack some food, as you prepare for your moving date. Though you have the option to order food, preparing food at home will save money.

Pack important documents and belongings - Documents play a vital role when you need to move cross-country. But always carry your papers with you. If you do so, you will know where it lies, even in case of an accident.

Organize your cleaning supplies - Ensure to collect all your cleaning supplies like a mop, pails, rubber gloves and keep them ready. You might need it to clean your new house once you move in and settle.

Collect your supplies and tools - Generally, the moving companies have everything ready with them. But it's advisable to keep supplies like ropes, trash bags, tape, dollies, and extra moving boxes ready. Also, you may arrange for snacks and water as you might want to keep yourself energized.

Take care of your old house - You need to ensure that you don't damage any part of your old house in your moving process. If you were living in a rented house, the possibility exists that you will not get back your security deposit.

Appropriate labeling - If you have not labeled your moving boxes yet, consider doing it the right way. If you do so, your moving day will go smoothly, and you will also unpack your items effectively. Though this is not a last-minute packing tip, you need to cross-check it before the moving day.

Communicate right with the movers - Ensure to act promptly with the movers, as they might have other appointments as well. Also, you need to guide them to your moving boxes and let them know how you have packed your belongings. If you do so, you will help them decide what items need to be loaded into the moving truck first.

Don't interrupt the movers - Since you have hired experienced movers, you should not try to interfere in their work. They know what needs to be done. So, you just need to be available for them, in case they must ask you something.

DIY Moving Tips - If you have not hired any moving service provider, make sure to load the big appliances first into the truck. This may include refrigerators, washing machines as well as dryers. Later, you may load the moving boxes from every room in your house.

Examining your cargo van - If you have hired a moving company, then you need not worry about this step. Movers know their job. But, if you are doing it by yourself, ensure to put the lighter moving boxes above the heavy boxes. Otherwise, it might lose its balance and fall.

Recheck your home storage - Before the final move, make sure that you have not left anything behind in your old house. It might happen that you have not packed your cell phone charger, so it's a good idea to double-check the whole house.

Create a clean escape - Clean the house properly before you leave the house, otherwise, you might not get your security deposit back. On this big day, you may not want to lose a hefty amount, so consider cleaning one room at a time. Finally, you can take a deep breath, because you know that everything is clear and you have not left anything behind.

Get up early - It is a promising idea to get up from sleep early and get ready before the movers ring your doorbell. Also, getting up early might give you sufficient time to make a good breakfast and complete the final packing, if anything at all is left.

Keep your mobile phones and other electronics charged- Consider charging your phone, before the arrival of the movers. There are chances that you need to stay connected with your family members while you are on the move. You may need your mobile phones, as you might want to instruct the movers where to accommodate your moving boxes. Moreover, if you have a mobile phone, you will manage to direct the cargo van to your moving destination.

Dress suitably - Make sure that the dress up according to the season as you may want to feel comfortable. For example, you may choose to wear a sweater in winter as you might not want to fall ill.

Research a few movers and packers' companies and then choose a feasible one. Make sure you understand if their service quality is worth the moving cost that you would be paying to them.

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