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How do I ship a desk cross country?

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Asked by Deborah

January 9, 2014 under Others

We need to ship a desk from Bethesda, MD, to Seattle, WA It probably weight 150 pounds (not sure yet), and it comes apart into two pedestals and some drawers.

Answered by Jenna Farmer

January 10, 2014

Hello, welcome to, and thank you for submitting your question. Since your question about shipping a desk (approximately 150 pounds) is a little broad, I'd like to take a minute to narrow down some of the key elements in shipping one piece of furniture:

  • Options
  • Cost
  • Process

Shipping Options

While you could go with conventional full-service movers to move your desk, this isn't very economical, and usually improbable, as most full-service movers require a minimum weight for a shipment (or they will charge you for one, at least).

Instead, you could opt for a small moving company. These services specialize in moves that equal to about one room of furniture, or less than 2,000 pounds - or in your case, a single item.


Small moves do not require nearly as much labor and materials as a standard full-service move, so you'll end up paying significantly less. To find out exactly how much it would cost to ship your desk across the country, you can get started by filling out our simple quote form. Once completed, will connect you with up to seven reputable small moving services in your area, who will provide you with free estimates.


Small movers will pack, load, ship, unload, and unpack your desk, if you choose to have them do so. Or, if you want to handle some of the job yourself, they could do any combination of these things based on your decision. Keep in mind that you'll likely be charged by the weight of your shipment, with other factors like man-hours involved as well. So if you're on a tighter budget, you may want to offer to do the unloading yourself, for example.

Your desk will be loaded in to a small van or truck, anddriven to your final destination, where it will then be unloaded and unpackedat your new home.

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