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How do you declutter before moving?

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Asked by Denise

January 1, 2021 under Others

Steps to declutter your home before you relocate to another house.

Answered by Staff Writer

November 29, 2021

decluttering before moveThe biggest confusion when you plan a move is sorting out items that you may not want to carry with you. A promising idea here would be to declutter your home, before moving. If you do so, you can save both energy and time while packing and unpacking your belongings.

Benefits of decluttering

If you are living in an untidy setting, you are most likely to experience high stress. Decluttering might help you improve both physical as well as mental health. Also, decluttering a house will increase your productivity. If you have a creative mind, you might not contemplate being messy in specific areas.

Improved focus - If your house is messy, it might be difficult for you to locate things. It will disturb you. Decluttering your house will help you concentrate better on the tasks you might need to do.

High Self Confidence - You might feel beyond control if you face issues organizing your house. Consider enhancing your home, as you might want to feel pride and competent.

Enhanced relationships - A cluttered house is one reason for which family members or roommates enter conflict with each other. You may not feel pleasant calling your friends over if your house is not neat and clean.

Reduced risk of allergies and asthma - If you assume, your house is just messy, but not dirty you are right. Still, it is difficult to clean around heaps of items. Pests, mold, dust, and mild dew cause allergies and asthma. Decluttering might help you reduce these allergens.

Well-being and a better lifestyle - It will sound better to prepare healthy dishes in a decluttered kitchen. Similarly, you will enjoy sleeping better in a neat room, rather than in a disorganized room.

Tips to Declutter your Home

If decluttering a home sound like a stressful job for you, consider taking the following steps to declutter your home.

Motivation - Decluttering a house for the first time, might make you a little deluged and emotional. There is nothing to feel ashamed of, if you need some inspiration or even motivation. Try to understand how great it would be to get rid of the unwanted items in your house before you move.

Prepare Early - Irrespective of the size of your house or apartment, you must not leave decluttering it for the last moment. Irrespective of the total items you have, do not delay the process. You may start the decluttering process two, six, or 12 months before the move. If you ignore this, you may experience higher stress.

Remove the hardly used items - The best way to declutter a home is to start with the storeroom, basement, or garage. If you do so, you will understand the value and significance of your belongings. In this way, when you reach the important items, you will work like a professional. You may practice putting the unwanted items in the dustbin, while you may pack the wanted items in the moving boxes.

Avoid straggling on emotional items - Don't stick to the items to which you have lots of memories attached. This will waste your time and might slow down your decluttering process. You may not want to get rid of that sentimental item, hence you can keep it with you. You can dig into the memories attached to it at a later stage.

Pile your Belongings - It seems a promising idea to divide your belongings into different piles. You may categorize your possessions into waste, keep, recycle, storage, donate and shred.

Allow the kids to participate - Let the kids declutter their things. This will reduce your workload. Most importantly, this will keep them engaged and they will not get much chance to disturb you.

Allocate time for decluttering - It sounds good if you can devote up to three hours a week to decluttering your house. Choose one day a week, when you examine your possessions and decide which items you want to get rid of.You may create a declutter your home checklist, set a timer and work accordingly.

Arrange for portable storage and movable container - You can keep?PODS as an unrevealed weapon, while you declutter before moving. You may buy a storage container if you are moving to a smaller house and want to keep your furniture. Another excellent choice would be a movable container, that will stay in your roadway, till you load your packed possessions.

Seek professional assistance - If you still have doubts, what you may start with consider calling the home decluttering service providers. If you do not know of any such moving company, consider asking your friends or family for recommendations.

If you keep dedicated timeslots to declutter each category of items, you are most likely to generate favorable results. Avoid panic, instead create a routine that you might want to follow till the time you move.

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