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How do you match a couch to a rug?

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Asked by Betty

February 1, 2021 under Others

How should I match my couch and my rug?

Answered by Katherine Broome

July 22, 2021

Choosing the right rug for your room isn't as easy as you might think. You need to choose the correct size, color, and texture for your rug to fit in your room.

Having an area rug has many benefits, including:

  • Reduces noise
  • It is more comfortable on your feet than hardwood floors (or even some carpet floors)
  • It can actually provide warmth to a space since rugs are warmer than hardwood floors
  • If you’re putting an area rug over carpet, you can cover up old stains that won’t come up no matter what you try
  • If you have young kids, rugs can help pad the flooring while they’re learning to walk since they will absorb the impact better than hardwood or carpeting
  • Rugs are great because you can make over a room easily
  • You can swap rugs out with the season, when you get bored with the look, or for holidays

Choosing A Rug for Your Room

There are things you need to look at when choosing a rug. They are:

1. Rug Styles

There are several different rug styles you can get that can fit your lifestyle. For example, if you have kids and pets, you might want something that is durable that can hold up to wear and tear like a synthetic blend rug, or a seagrass rug.

Keep in mind there are also several different patterned rugs out there, including:

  • Geometric designed rugs
    • These rugs have geometric designs woven in, such as squares and rectangles
  • Afghan rugs
  • Chinese art deco rugs
  • Folk art rugs
  • Kilim rugs
  • Pop art rugs
  • Shag rugs
  • Tapestry rugs
  • Wool rugs
  • Silk rugs
  • Flatweave rugs
  • Modern traditional rugs

When it comes down to patterns, you know your style best. If you find a style you love, or like best, pick it. You can easily match your room to that rug by changing accent pillows, blankets, or even pictures or paintings on the wall.

A rug in the dining room and living room2. Rug Size

There are several different-sized rugs that you can choose from for any room in your home. The most common sizes are:

  • 5 x 8
  • 8 x 10
  • 9 x 12
  • 12 x 15

There are also runners, which are long and narrow rugs that can be placed in hallways or even kitchens that can make the area look larger and warmer than it really is. When choosing a rug size, it is important to keep some things in mind, like:

  • For the living room, choose a rug size that is large enough to fit the length and width of your furniture. You’ll want a rug to outline your sitting area to make it comfortable and inviting
  • For the dining room, you will want a rug that comes out at least two feet from the table to accommodate the dining chairs. To do this, simply measure your dining table and add an extra two feet.
  • For the bedroom, get a rug that is larger than your bed. For example, if you have a twin bed then getting a 5 x 8 rug will fit nicely underneath.

3. Rug Color

The final thing to look at is the rug color. This can be very tricky when looking at rugs, so keep these tips in mind:

  • If your couch is a solid color, then getting a patterned rug will help break up the monotony.
  • On the other hand, if your couch is patterned or upholstered, getting a rug with a solid pattern will help ground the room.
  • When choosing a solid-colored rug, choosing a color from a lamp, vase, pillow, or even a blanket will help complement the couch and tie the room together nicely.
  • In a patterned rug, you can match the secondary color to the solid color with your sofa. You can then match the tertiary color to the lamp, vase, etc. to help tie the colors in even more.

Keep in mind that the color of the rug will help set the mood for your room, so choosing a pleasant color is key.

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