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How do you move a heavy couch?

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Asked by Brad

January 12, 2021 under Others

How should I move my heavy couch?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 23, 2021

A couch or a sofa can be large and cumbersome to move. The good thing about a sectional sofa is that it can be separated into multiple pieces, which can make the move much easier. Here's how to move your couch all your own.

  • Remove all pillows and cushions: Your very first step is going to be to prepare the sofa for a move, which includes taking it apart as much as you possibly can. Remove all the pillows, cushions, legs, and separate each section of your couch.
  • If your sofa has a fold-out bed, secure it before moving: If your sectional couch has a sleeper, secure the bed before you move the couch.
  • Wrap each section of the couch with protectives: Once your couch is broken down into its pieces, wrap it up in a moving blanket. This will protect the couch and make sure that no scratches happen

What’s the best way to move your couch?

  • Take measurements of each piece of your couch and your doorways: In order to move the couch out of your home, you'll first need to fit it through the door. So carefully measure each individual section of the sofa and then take measurements of each doorway so the couch will easily load onto the truck.
  • Be careful when moving the sofa: Moving a couch on your own is really a challenge. Ask others to help and practice safe moving techniques when moving your heavy couch.
  • If you're moving the couch yourself or with the help of movers, you need to use all necessary moving equipment like furniture dollies and moving straps.
  • Couches and the other types of furniture are really heavy and difficult to carry. So you can use furniture sliders where you can place them on the bottom corners of your furniture and make pushing them across your carpet without causing any damage to your floor.
  • Always move your couch either horizontally or vertically.
  • A couch can sometimes be moved in diagonally. Ask your movers to pick up the couch at each end. Then the couch is tilted forward 45 degrees so that the first mover is able to hold the leading couch arm around the door and the other person follows it. Keep in mind this method requires strength and a lot of maneuvering, so it can be a challenge.
  • Make sure all of your openings and doorways have no obstacles.
  • If you are lifting the sofa, remember to always lift with your legs and not with your back.
  • Protect your hands and fingers with moving gloves and wear durable shoes to protect your feet while lifting your heavy couch.

What if you have stairs?

  • If you have to move your couch through a staircase, measure the width and height of all the doorways and compare them with the measurements of the couch.
  • Then, count the number of stairs, and memorize the twists and turns.
  • Ask your movers to stand on one end of the couch and lift it from the bottom and someone else should also be there behind you to guide the way.
  • Lift the couch from the bottom and walk slowly toward the doorway and start walking slowly down the stairs.

Moving a couch or a sofa to a new house can be a challenge because they’re too heavy for the openings. However, with a little help, you’ll be able to do it successfully without causing any damage to your furniture. If you’re still wondering how you can move your heavy furniture, read our guide on how to move a sectional couch to get more information.

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