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How do you move a heavy couch?

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Asked by Brad

January 12, 2021 under Others

How should I move my heavy couch?

Answered by Katherine Broome

February 10, 2021

The first thing you will need to do is take apart your couch. Remove the cushions, the legs, and if you have a sectional then detach each section. Of course, do not force anything off, if it is meant to come apart then it should come apart fairly easily.

Next, you will want to wrap the couch in a moving blanket. To learn more about the benefits of moving blankets, you can check out our guide. This will protect the couch and make sure that no scratches happen.

Now you can put your couch on a furniture dolly to make it easier to move and start pushing. It is best to get help with this step since you will need a few people to push the couch to keep things even and level so the dolly (or dollies) doesn't slip.

Finally, you will need to push the couch onto the moving truck. Most moving trucks have ramps that make loading the couch easy, but occasionally there won’t be a ramp. If not, get your friends to help you hoist your couch in (carefully) and get it set inside towards the front or side of the truck. To learn more about moving a couch, check out our guide about packing a sofa here.

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