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How do you move a house in one day?

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Asked by Charles

January 2, 2021 under Others

How can I move my house in one day?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 9, 2021

Packing and moving a house in one day is difficult, but if you have friends who are available for the day, or if you hire movers, you might be able to get the job done easily. Here's how you can prepare and move a house in 24 hours:

Make a List of things need to pack:

Before you start packing, walk through your home and take note of the items you plan to pack or leave behind. If you’re having unwanted items, add it to your "Give Away" list. The items which are the most important things that you really want, add them to your “Need to Pack” list. Getting organized before you start moving heavier items around will save you time and energy.

Purge the unnecessary stuff while packing:

Keep a large trash bag at the ready and purge the unwanted items into it. If you have a furniture, clothes or any items that you no longer need, you can donate these items to the charity or host a garage sale or you can give all these things to someone who wants them.

Begin With Your Kitchen:

Packing the kitchen can be tedious and time-consuming. You have so many fragile glassware and silverware need to pack. So, pack the things in advance except a few necessities like the coffee-maker, and oven.

Keep your clothes on their hangers:

Packing all of your clothes for your one day move takes a lot of time. So keep everything on its hanger and use a trash bag to tie around them, leaving the hook part of each hanger exposed. You can tie a rope along the side of your car and easily move them that way if you don’t have a hanger bar.

Use bags and suitcases:

Suitcases, trash bags, laundry hampers, back bagscan all be used to pack up your items if you don’t have moving boxes at the ready. If you hire movers, they can likely provide packing supplies for the move, but if you are packing on your own, you can make use of whatever you have.

Protect with towels:

If you don’t have bubble wrap or any packing materials, make use of towels to wrap delicate items and provide padding. It may not be as secure as bubble wrap, but it should provide some protection in transit. If you don’t have packing paper, you can wrap glasses and vases with newspaper. Read more: how to pack glassware

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