How can you move all by yourself?
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How do you move by yourself?

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Asked by Ken

December 12, 2020 under Others

Lets understand how we can move if we dont hire movers.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 24, 2022

couple packing on moving dayIf the thought of moving into a new house by yourself scares you, we have a few great recommendations, which will help your move to be less stressful.

How to move by yourself?

Before you start packing your items for the move, you should consider the steps given below and make a smooth move.

Step 1- Declutter your items

Make sure to discard items, which you don't require anymore. By doing so, you will minimize the items that you need to carry with you. You can categorize what you want to sell, donate, or even discard.


  • You can sell old furniture as it is pointless to carry heavy items, which you will not use anymore.
  • In case an item is in a good condition, you should consider having a garage sale to generate some extra cash to cover your moving expenses.

Step 2- Plan the move

Once you have decided when you’re going to move, consider preparing a moving schedule in detail, keeping in mind the following points.

  • Get ready for the distance you will have to travel, physical demand, and the weather of the place.
  • If you don't have any person to help you load items into the moving truck or drive, make sure to remove any clutters that might come your way.

Step 3- Book a moving truck in advance

If you don't have professional movers to help, ensure to choose the best moving van or trailer for your move. There are numerous truck rental companies, that you can contact to get the right size truck that will accommodate all your belongings.

  • Choose a pickup and drop spot, which is near to your destination as this will save both your time and money. Remember, you need to pay for every mile, so be wise while you select your pickup and drop location.
  • If your vehicle has the capacity, consider renting a trailer as well. Trailers are less costly, and they will occupy less space than a traditional truck.

How to pack your moving boxes?

Dumping items into boxes isn’t the right way to pack for your move. Instead, you should carefully plan what you can put in each of the moving boxes.

  • Collect important packing supplies- Your priority should be to buy new moving boxes if you can afford them. You can borrow a few used moving boxes, but they are more susceptible to collapsing or even being infected with unwanted pests. Also, you need to arrange labels, packing tapes, bubble wraps, packing paper, or peanuts.
  • Categorize your items- You can open your first box and put all your favorite bedroom items into it. We recommend you use colored packing paper to wrap small items so that you don't throw them away mistakenly.
  • Fill the moving boxes to nearly full- If you have non-breakable items, consider filling the boxes to a capacity, which doesn’t make it too heavy. In case you leave spaces in the box, chances exist that the box will collapse, while you stack it. You can use extra packing paper to pack the box tightly and then only seal it.

    • If you have breakable items to pack, make sure to use at least two inches of packing materials on each side of the boxes.
    • If you must pack heavy items like books, consider using a medium-sized box.
    • In the case of lighter items like a comforter, you need to arrange for a large box.
  • Invest extra time in packing fragile items- You can consider overpacking the breakable items like plates or dishes and placing them on their side, rather than keeping them flat. Also, if you must stack bowls or cups, consider inserting padding between each of the pieces.
  • Apply box partitions for small glass items- To provide an extra layer of protection to the glass items, make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap or packing paper and then place them in each partition of the box.
  • Secure and label each box- Once you finish packing, consider fastening the boxes with strong packing tape. You need to wrap a tape over the top of the box with their folds and another tape against the folds. Also, you need to mark each of the boxes as per the items it has and the room to which it belongs.


If you follow the above steps, you can reduce your stress and ensure a smooth move without damaging your belongings. But if you want to sit back and relax, consider hiring movers, who will do the needful for you efficiently.

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