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How do you wrap a couch for moving?

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Best way to wrap a couch?

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October 19, 2021

Moving can be stressful and preparing for it can seem like a difficult task. If you are wondering, how do you wrap a couch for your move, follow the steps below, so you can learn how to wrap a heavy couch and move it easily without damaging it. Here are some necessary materials you will require when wrapping a couch for moving.

How do you wrap a couch for moving?Materials required for packing and moving a couch:

  • Plastic wrap - Wrap your couch using a plastic stretch wrap. This will help keep items together while also protecting them from damage.
  • Moving blankets – Use thick, quilted moving blankets to protect your couch from dirt, dust, and other damage.
  • Packing tape – It's always a good idea to have packing tape with you to secure the items that are packed in plastic stretch wrap.
  • Furniture sliders – To move couches and other heavy furniture, you can place furniture sliders under the feet of the furniture to move them easily without having any damage.
  • Furniture dolly – This is a great tool for moving heavy furniture. All you have to do is just pick up the sofa and place it on the dolly on its side.
  • Rope – You may need rope to secure your couch to lift and place it on the moving truck. This will prevent items from being damaged while transit.
  • Furniture moving straps – If you need extra help in lifting a heavy couch, you can have a few moving straps on hand. These straps help you with proper lifting and moving techniques to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself when moving heavy stuff.

Wrapping a couch for moving

  • Remove cushions and pillows: To move your couch, you need to start removing all the pillows, covers, and any other items that are lying on the couch. Pack these things in separate boxes and label them. Then pack the couch’s cushions. If the cushions are separated, take them off one by one. Wrap each cushion in plastic wrap to protect it from dirt and damage while in transit.
  • Disassemble what you can: Some sofas are designed to detach easily. You can separate the arms and legs of a sofa. If your couch can be removed easily, disassemble everything as much as you can to make your moving process easier. Keep in mind that not all sofas/couches are meant to be taken apart. Disassemble the legs, arms, and other pieces of the couch apart and wrap items in a plastic stretch wrap or moving blankets, and place them in a labeled box.
  • Wrap the couch: After disassembling your couch, it’s time to wrap the couch’s frame in a protective stretch wrap or moving blankets. After wrapping securely it with packing tape, if needed to keep it all in place.

Moving the couch to the moving truck

There are several ways to move a couch to a moving truck. Depending on the size of your couch and the path of your move (like if you have a staircase or elevator to move your stuff), you may require to use rope or a furniture dolly. Here are some ways to move a couch safely:

  • Using a furniture dolly –If your couch is heavy, rent a furniture dolly for the move. Using furniture dollies makes it easier to transport large furniture items to and from the moving truck.
  • Using furniture sliders –Your couch is heavy so it's difficult for you to lift and load onto the truck. Placing furniture sliders underneath the legs of the couch makes your move easy.
  • Carrying it yourself – If you have someone who can pick up your couch and carry it to the moving truck, you can use furniture moving straps. These straps are designed to make lifting and carrying heavy objects easier and safer. You can make use of them to avoid damage.

Assemble the couch

  • After you’ve moved the couch
  • Vacuum and clean the floor to know where you can place the couch.
  • Once you’ve removed the plastic wrap from the couch dust it with a hand vacuum or damp cloth.
  • If the couch has removable cushion covers, it’s also a clever idea to give them a good wash as well. This way, you’ll have a clean and comfortable couch to enjoy in your new home.

Hire professional movers

Though you can move your heavy couch by yourself, it's better to hire professionals to get the job done. There are many moving companies that can help with heavy lifting. To find a reliable packing and moving company, check out You will find an extensive network of movers. All movers in our network are licensed and insured, so we can assure you that your move will be safe.

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