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How much does a lazy boy recliner sofa (87" wide) weigh?

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Asked by Les

April 7, 2015 under Others

How much does a lazy boy recliner sofa (87" wide) weigh?

Answered by Cassandra Rose

April 7, 2015

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To find out the weight of your recliner sofa, you have one of two options which you can learn more about below!

Figure out the average

While we don't know the exact weight of your recliner, we do have a guide that estimates the average weight of items you can find in a typical living room.

Read up on the weight of common living room items with this helpful chart!

Ask the internet

Another option you have is to search the retailer's website to see if they have a more accurate weight of your specific recliner.

As all recliner sofas are made differently, they will all weigh accordingly, so your best option may be to head to a search engine and find more information directly from a third party or directly from the retailer.

Thanks for your question and good luck estimating the weight of your recliner!

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