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How much fuel does a moving truck use?

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Asked by Katrina

December 27, 2019 under Moving Truck Rental

Ive rented a moving truck and Im unaware of what type of fuel is used for a truck and approximately how many miles per gallon(mpg) should I expect?

Answered by Staff Writer

December 30, 2019

What type of fuel is used in aa moving truck?

When you're renting a truck, you must be aware of the gas costs and what type of fuel is used in your vehicle. Typically, the 10-foot cargo and 16-foot truck use unleaded gas and the larger trucks like 26-footer, use diesel fuel. Remember, diesel costs more than the regular gas, so check the gas costs in the states you'll drive along the way.

How much fuel does a moving truck use?

Filling up the tank of a commercial truck is not as same as filling a few gallons into your car. You need to be prepared and use the fuel cost calculator to estimate the gas cost. Here are the basic guidelines to find out the average gas mileage of moving trucks.

  • Smaller trucks (10-foot-15-foot truck) usually average 8-10 miles per gallon.
  • Medium trucks (16-foot-19-foot truck) average about 6-10 mpg.
  • Larger trucks (over 20 feet) will get 8-10 miles per gallon.
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