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How Much Should I Tip My Movers?

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Answered by Kelly Martini

May 3, 2018

Many moving companies have been surveyed on the issue, and most of them do not expect a tip. While gratuities are not mandatory, they are very much appreciated.

Tipping a moving company is very much like tipping your server at a restaurant. If you were satisfied with the service you received, you may feel more inclined to tip 20 percent -- whereas if your waiter or waitress was rude and inattentive, you'll want to tip much less than 15 percent.

Do you tip movers as a whole or individually?

There are plenty of variables and differences of opinion on this subject. Because there's no standard percentage for tipping movers, you can base it on whatever you feel most appropriately identifies their workload.

Some say 5 percent of the total cost split amongst all workers is fair, but your best bet is to tip each mover individually based on hours of the move. Don't give the lump sum to the supervisor, because he may just keep it for himself. Besides, you want to reward each mover for their individual effort.

What to Consider:

  • Total cost of the move
  • How long the move took
  • Amount of work the crew did
  • Any long or stair carries
  • Any over-sized pieces
  • The weather they moved you in
  • How well the crew worked
  • How polite the crew was to you and your family
  • How satisfied you were with the move

Depending on the level of satisfaction in these categories, the tip amount will increase or decrease. Moving someone into a home is typically not a one-man job. Usually, there are two or three in a crew helping you move into your new home, but you don't have to give each mover the same tip -- especially if one mover is doing much more work.

Also take into consideration how your items arrived at their destination. Is anything missing or damaged? If not, and everything arrived on time in one piece, you should consider supplying the movers with a higher tip.

How much should you tip movers?

When it comes to tipping, there really is no magic number. If the movers do a good job, you should let them know.

Before tipping, always check to see if gratuities are included in the price.

Length of moving day Tip per person**
Half-day move (4 hours) $20
Full-day move (8 hours) $40
12-hour move $50

** These prices are just suggestions to use at your discretion.

TIP: Giving each mover $10 at the start of the move might entice them to work harder throughout the day.

Are there alternatives to monetary tipping?

Sure! Offer them a meal and a beverage. A good moving crew works very hard and long hours, whether it's freezing rain or a scorching hot day. Keep your movers nourished by supplying them with lunch and ice-cold drinks.

This either takes the place of tipping or in addition to. Offer to pick up sandwiches for the crew, so they can pick what they want. Or you can order a pizza which will be the most affordable for you. If it's an early morning, it doesn't hurt to make coffee. And don't forget the cookies -- everyone likes baked goods!

You can also leave them a good review to let others know to use them in the future. The best way to show your appreciation is by getting them new business!

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