How much does it cost to move 1300 cubic feet?
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how much should it cost to move 1300 cubic feet of stuff

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Asked by Amanda

March 8, 2017 under Others

im looking for a moving company to move our stuff from Mount Joy Pennsylvanian to Yuba City CA and im not sure what $ per cubic foot is ok

Answered by Amy Meerovich

March 10, 2017

Thank you for contacting with your question about moving 1300 cubic feet of stuff.

Most moving companies charge based on the size and weight of the shipment, but if there are any oddly shaped or sized items or steps leading up to a house or apartment there can be additional charges.

Getting an estimate
I cannot provide an estimate of the cost, but if you just fill out our free, no hassle quote form, you'll be put in contact with up to seven movers in your area who can provide you with estimates.

Thank you again for your question, I hope this information is helpful and good luck with your move.

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