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How much to rent a truck big enough for 1 bedroom apt & move from edmonton to Victoria

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Asked by Sa

June 11, 2015 under Moving Truck Rental

Answered by Nicole La Capria

June 12, 2015
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Truck rental costs will vary based on the rental company you choose, the size truck you require, and the distance you are travelling. For example, a 10' U-Haul (suggested for a small apartment move) will cost a flat fee of about $19.95 for the day plus $0.99 for every mile travelled. You may also be required to purchase fuel, as some rental companies ask you to return the truck with a half tank of gas.

So if you are moving from Edmonton to Victoria, it is about 776 miles (1248 kilometers), which will cost you $776--plus $20 a day for each day you have the truck and fuel costs. You should also consider insurance, taxes, and other possible fees.

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