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how much would it cost to have my car shipped from wshington dc to santa rosa, ca

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Asked by Barbara

February 21, 2015 under Auto Transport

cost to ship car cross country

Answered by Mike Sannitti

February 23, 2015
Thanks for visiting! Let me help you get a price for shipping your car across the country.

The cost of the service
Unfortunately, I can't give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your auto shipment because there is no set price for the service; however, I can tell you that there are several different ways to ship your vehicle that can alter the cost. Consider how much protection you want for your vehicle, and weigh that against how much you are willing to pay.

Get quotes

Fortunately, allows you to easily get quotes from companies that can perform your auto transport. You just need to fill out a quote form in our auto transport section by entering your zip code and the desired date of the shipment. Then, you can either choose "Compare Movers" to browse through our database of auto shippers in your area, or click on "Get Quotes" to send your information to the companies, which will allow them to contact you with estimates.

Choose the right auto shipper for you
Consider each company's unique pricing and services. You can review their reputation by looking at their profiles in our review section. To find a fair price for the service you want, you need to compare multiple quotes and companies. We recommend that you get at least three different estimates from three separate companies before you settle on one.

Once you find the right company, you can get an accurate estimate for shipping your car. Good luck!
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