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How to Connect Utilities in an Apartment?

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April 9, 2013 under Moving Companies

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April 16, 2013

Making a connection is very important even if it is not romantically. Connecting utilities in a new apartment is a moving chore that must be handled in a timely manner. Flicking the switch, turning up the heat and running some water are three different services that need to be hooked up separately in a new household.


Without electric, there is no power source in your new place to even consider turning on the television or Internet. That is why setting up a new utility service schedule is so important since without one utility connection there cannot be another. The average time it takes to connect electric is about three to four days.

Gas and Water

Connecting utilities in the right order really will make a difference. After calling the electric company, get in touch with the gas and water company to have these services connected. It is important to call even up to three weeks before you plan on moving in due to the high volume of connection calls the company may be servicing at the time.

Phone, Television and Internet

Though not necessary to live, these services are seemingly the most important to new residents. In a technology driven day and age, telephone and Internet access is imperative to nearly everyone. Unlike electric, gas and water, you must be present when your television and Internet connection is made. That is why it is important to plan way ahead, adjusting your schedule so you or a friend can be present when the service provider arrives. The service provider commonly comes within a 4-hour window period in the morning, afternoon or early evening. It is important to be readily available when they arrive since the specific service is always in high demand with companies making countless connections a day.

Utility connections are dependent on the rental apartment you are leasing. Some apartments offer free water and even heat, hence you are not responsible for making those utility connections.

But before connecting new utilities at your new apartment, you must move there first. To find out about moving companies all across North America, visit After you are settled in and turn on your computer, please take a moment to fill out a moving review so others can benefit from your experience.

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