How to pack and load furniture in a moving truck?
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How to Load Furniture in a Moving Truck?

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April 9, 2013 under Moving Labor

How can I pack and load my sofa, mattresses, dresser and other furniture items onto the moving truck?

Answered by Staff Writer

April 15, 2013

Your furniture is often expensive and the most precious one, so it should be handled carefully during a move. But before loading your accessories onto the moving truck, packing and protecting your furniture is a key.

From old blankets to bubble wrap, you should use several packing materials in order to cover your items, assuring they arrive in the same condition they departed in. Here are the best practices for loading furniture onto the moving truck.

  • First wrap the entire furniture with stretch wrap and secure it with moving blanket.
  • Then, grab a dolly and get some help from a friend or a mover to begin lifting.
  • Now load the larger items like sofas, wardrobe, mattresses and headboards onto the truck. Place these items upward and against the vehicle sides.
  • If necessary, use slip sheets or sliders to situate your furniture once it is on the truck.
  • After placing the larger items in the truck, you can load dressers, bookcases, tables and chairs in the middle of the vehicle. When loading these items, bend and lift carefully.
  • Once all of your furniture is in the truck, then you can begin to load the boxes, making them the last items in before closing the doors. Follow all moving safety tips while loading your furniture onto a rental truck, never taking for granted the dangers that could occur.

If loading your furniture onto a rental truck is too big of a task, consider getting quotes from local moving companies at And if you choose a company to assist you, share your experience by filling out a moving review so others can see how helpful the service was.

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